Amazing Tributes ….

Marg and I are so thrilled and amazed by the wonderful tributes that are being created for this project … here are a few below.  Thank you so much for your creativity.

Bendigo Library Vic.


Bendigo Library - 1Charters Towers Branch QCWA Qld

imageimageHamilton Library Vic



imageBendigo Library



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Wondoflex Poppy Workshop : 12 April

That’s tomorrow Poppy friends.  From 2.00 p.m. til 4.00 p.m. we will be at Wondoflex Yarn Craft Centre (a yarn lovers paradise) … 1353 Malvern Rd, Malvern for a cup of tea, a bit of a chat and some poppy making.   Bring your hooks, needles and whatever scraps of red yarn you have … there will be some yarn available for those who are short.

Hope to see a whole bunch of you there.




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Hi There,


We have reached 1000 poppies!  We are doing so well.  I am so impressed by everyone who is getting involved here.  It makes me feel proud to be a Kiwi.

We have our first poppy making afternoon tea happening this Sunday 13th April at the Uxbridge Centre in Howick 1-4pm.  I am looking forward to this as it will be nice to meet some faces that have contributed to this project.  Then from 5th May we will be displaying our poppies thus far as part of a WW100 exhibition at the Uxbridge Centre.  That should get more people involved.  Look out Australia we may catch up to your 10,000 yet!

Also I am pleased to say we have a few venue options that I need to follow up on. So I am hoping very soon to have a fix abode for our beautiful poppies.

Lisa Wallace

NZ Co-ordinator 


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Everybody is talking about 5000 Poppies … and Workshops Galore

I am feeling quite excited about this month.  On Anzac Day we start the countdown to 2015 … I can’t believe how quickly that came about … and there is lots happening.

I met with the ladies from the RSL Womens Council yesterday to talk about the project, and to pick up a huge hoard of poppies (yet to be counted) … what a wonderful group of committed ladies.   I have a workshop at Wondoflex Yarncraft Centre in Malvern this Saturday from 2.00 until 4.00 p.m. and another workshop in Fed Square on Monday 14th.  Marg is talking to the Mornington Peninsula Quilters on Monday also and I am heading off to Daylesford Library on 17th and then we have Fed Square on 25th from 11.00 til 4.00 p.m.  Don’t forget Fed Square on 25th.  I would love to see a huge number of people join us in Fed Square to commemorate Anzac Day … we will have lots fun making poppies … and I am dreaming about coming home with a suitcase full of poppies that day.


There will be more workshops coming up over the next year so don’t worry too much if you miss out … but we would love to meet you at some stage if you are Melbourne based.

And … of course there are many more workshops happening out and about with new groups coming on board and people championing the 5000 Poppies cause … so if you want to attend a workshop in your local area … ask at the library and if you can’t find one … why not start one up for yourself.  I can email you some materials to get you started!!!



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It has been looming for the last couple of weeks that incredible milestone of 10,000 … and today … we hit it.  Big celebration (in my mind) here … and Marg and I could not be more thrilled and inspired.  Everyday brings new poppies, new stories and new joys.  We are so humbled by your incredible commitment to this wonderful project …  Thank you Thank you.

Only 15,000 to go lol!!!


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The Origins of the Anzac Day Rituals …

It’s really interesting the stories that you hear as a result of this project …. Russ Clements, the husband of Faye Clements one of our Poppy designers, sent in this precis of an article written about his great uncle …. Canon David Garland who is generally considered the architect of the Anzac Day rituals.

..”everyone knows the rituals surrounding Anzac Day – the wreath laying, the marches, the silence- but few know the clergyman who helped it become established.” A plaque honoring his work is at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Red Hill (Brisbane).  At the plaque’s unveiling historian Dr John Moses said if Canon Garland, “He was the driving force” As well as working on the day’s form to be established across the country and New  Zealand, Canon Garland is credited with initiating the March, the silence, the wreath laying and the non-denominational tone of the services.

There is plenty of information about Canon Garland on the internet if you are interested in the history of the Anzac Day Ceremony … Russ tells me … one recent article is titled “Push to remember Brisbane Clergyman’s role in Anzac history” Brisbane Times, July 16th 2013.

Thank you so much for sharing Russ … perhaps Faye … you might dedicate a poppy or two to Canon Garland.

Here are some images from Faye’s Healesville Library Poppy Playtime from yesterday.  Note the old Airforce buttons on the poppies.  What a bonus.

image-1.jpegFaye's Poppies image-2.jpegFaye's Poppies


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5000 Poppie NZ Update

Hi There Everyone,

In NZ we are doing well with the making and collecting of the poppies. Todays count – 813!

We have many people here on board now from RSA’s to craft groups. Even schools are getting on board and children are making felt ones which is lovely.  So far we have 200 members on our Facebook page (5000 Poppies NZ).  Everyone have been so supportive in this huge endeavour.

The only snag we have at the moment is where to display our beautiful poppies. Unfortunately the Auckland War Museum has declined to display them.  So this has slowed the organising of it a little.  At this stage loads of emails have gone out to venues in the hope someone will see the merit in what we are doing and jump on board and help.  Once we know where the display will be we will let everyone know.

Thank you to everyone so far who has contributed, given advice and asked questions.  We appreciate it.

Lisa Wallace

NZ Co-ordinator



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