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Our little poppy group is not so little anymore.
We have 500 members on our Facebook page and many more non facebookers who are regularly contributing to this fantastic project. When I started this project in New Zealand I never quite knew just how big it would get. People from all over New Zealand and the world have been contributing.
BIG NEWS!! We have exceeded the 5000 poppy mark and like the Australians we are going to continue making them and see where we end up come December 2014.
It is a very humbling experience to receive the poppies and read people’s dedications to loved ones who served for our country in both wars.
We are at present displaying three panels of poppies (about 2100 poppies) at Expressions Art Gallery In Upper Hutt, Wellington – photos to come. The display looks AMAZING!! I am very proud of everyone’s efforts.
Also we have a venue for next year’s commemoration. We will be displaying at The Air Force Museum in Christchurch from February – July 2015. Very exciting!


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It’s Sunday … the best day of the week

Good morning Poppy Friends … I hadn’t realised just how long it has been since I have posted on the blog … not ignoring you … really!!!! Just keeping my ahead above the water in the Poppy Juggernaut.

Did you realise when you got involved with our little project … just how BIG this is going to be.  I hope you are as excited about this as I am!!!!!!!

Much has happened in the last few weeks … We have been interviewed for Channel 7 News in Melbourne this week, which I hear has been replayed on Weekend Sunrise nationally this morning and the blog and facebook group are abuzz.  Need to convert those new members into addicts like the rest of us lol

We have topped the 1000 member mark on the facebook group and passed 300,000 hits on our blog … mostly the patterns which augers well for future poppy contributions … and both are growing at a rate of knots.

The National Wool Museum in Geelong has partnered with 5000 Poppies to create a small display of 1915 poppies to support their 2015 exhibition Empire Women from Feb to May, which will be amazing and we are planning a wonderful fun joint event in September to promote the partnership.

New Zealand has their display up and running at the Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt and it looks BEAUTIFUL.  Congratulations to Lisa Wallace and her superb team for their amazing efforts.  So much to look forward to!

New Zealand Poppy Display Upper Hutt

With the Anzac Centenary events program underway in most Australian States (if not all) now … we are not surprising getting more interest all the time.

We will have appearances at the Royal Melbourne Show (24 and 26 September) more on that later and we have been asked to guest at the Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show at Caulfield from October 23 to 26.  There are also a number of other events coming up and we will post on the blog and the facebook group about those.

IMG_0231_0802Remembrance Day 2013Every now and then I like to remind myself where all this started … with Wal Beasley and Stan Knight

We are now on the countdown to April 2015 … there are many 5000 Poppy events planned by our makers in their local towns/RSLs/libraries and other venues … So excited about you all being able to display locally before you send your poppies to us for April.  It is not beyond the realms of possibility that we will end up with 100,000 poppies or even more …. that’s a dream I’d like to see come to fruition.

We are also starting to formulate the next stage of the project and will let you know more about that when we have more information to share.

Back in touch soon … but in the meantime … keep poppying.

Lynn & Marg


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STOP THE PRESSES : Our total to date stands at 26,593 … we have passed our goal and now the fun has just begun.  We are not stopping and are looking forward to just how far our Poppy adventure can take us … so keep them coming Poppy friends.

What a wonderful weekend we have spent in Bendigo at the Sheep & Wool Show … lots of poppy making … a bit too much shopping amongst all the wonderful woolly deliciousness, some very handsome sheep to be admired and those incredible sheep dog trials.  Truly … I would go just to watch those amazing animals and their equally amazing trainers.  But for us it was all about the poppies with a wonderful display for the Women in Wool Luncheon and making lots of poppies in the Yarncraft Shed with all of our new poppy friends.  We had a wonderful time making and chatting … particularly with the children as young as 2 making poppies with us.  And must also mention the poppies that were dropped off by a number of larger groups … I will catch up with all that a little later on the facebook page … but suffice to say over 2000 poppies were collected over the weekend and we could not be more thrilled.  I should also mention that we simply could not manage an event like this … (and like the recent Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne) without the help of an amazing team of excellent ambassadors to man the tables demonstrating, teaching, talking about the project … but especially Kate, Janet, Margaret, Julie, Bernice, Maryanne and Carmel and the many other friends from many places who stopped by to join us for a long or a short time.   We were also thrilled to be able to visit the Bendigo Library on Friday morning for their Craft Table … where a lively bunch of ladies and men were making poppies for the project … and of course, we even squeezed in a visit to the Bendigo Woollen Mills who have been supporters since we first started up.  Below are just a couple of pics taken from the show.  Thank you so much Bendigo.  We had a great time.

Bendigo Wool & Sheep Show DisplayOur display for the Women in Wool Luncheon
Lyn with Jacinta McCaskill Wareham and Chris Jenkins Hamilton LibraryBendigo Sheep Show 2014Its raining poppies from Hamilton Library … with Jacinta McCaskill Wareham and Chris Jenkins
photo (13)Bendigo Sheep Show 2014Sandy Galloway from Sorrento Probus
photo (14)Bendigo Sheep Show 2014
Poppy Cakes from Julie Trait …. delicious
photo (18)Bendigo Sheep Show 2014Joyce Fisher from the Maitland Knitters Guild in NSW
photo 1 (4)Bendigo Sheep Show 2014
photo 2 (2)Bendigo Sheep Show 2014Sebastian


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The Wash Up …

We had a truly wonderful time at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne … many many people dropped by to see us … we gave away over 2000 patterns … so I think that may have an impact on the numbers in the end … and mostly everyone was totally blown away by the stand.

The Wall Craft and Quilt FairOur team working very hard on Saturday – Photo by Cam Holmes

In the end we dedicated two walls to new poppies either made or dropped off to the fair … and met many of our contributors face to face … it was a huge bonus for us to put human faces to our contributors.

We had children as young as 4 right up to older children in their 90’s make poppies with us … so much fun.  Thank you to all who have contributed to date and those who have now seen what we are doing and are planning to contribute … you are all the reason this wonderful project has become … well … so wonderful!!!

It will take a while to update the poppy count … but I will get there in the next couple of days.  The contributors list and the dedications may take a little longer.  Keep and eye on the blog.

Lastly … I need to thank all of the wonderful team who helped out both at the fair … and in the background … I will speak to you all individually but of course I can’t thank you enough … without you all … all the time  … this project would not be what it is … nor would we have quite so much fun.

See you at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show next month.




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Craft and Quilt Fair Melbourne

Hello poppy friends … just thought I would let you know that 5000 Poppies will be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne (MECC/Jeff’s Shed) from tomorrow (Thursday) through to Sunday spreading the poppy word and making lots of lovely poppies.  We would love it if you could join us to make a poppy or two or just to say hello.  Bring a hook or needles … we have plenty of yarn. We are in Aisle G … behind G21 … you can’t miss us … we are the spectacular poppy display …. thank you Kate for your help today!!!  We have a blank wall ready for all the new poppies made at the fair.

Craft and Quilt 1 craft and quilt 2

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Poppy News …

Good morning Poppy friends.  It’s been a couple of really big weeks at Poppy headquarters in Melbourne.  We have received MORE than 2000 poppies in the last two weeks and our total now stands at a smidge under 18,000 … up from 12,500 just two short months ago.  That is an outstanding achievement.

This week will see us at the Craft and Quilt Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (Jeff’s Shed) from Thursday to Sunday.  We have been allocated a lovely space for people to come and sit and have a chat and make a poppy or two … very exciting.  And, as an added bonus, we expect that we will have special guest poppy designers Rosalie Quinlan and Leanne Beasley visit us at some stage during the fair.

Lynn with Hilary Harper ABC StudiosI was lucky enough to once again be interviewed on 774 ABC radio … this time by Hilary Harper on Saturday morning … I really did enjoy having the opportunity to talk about the project and our involvement with Craft and Quilt Fair.  And hopefully that will encourage a bunch of new people to come and visit and learn about us … the upshot of that interview was many thousands of views on the blog and hopefully a whole new round of participants.  Exciting times ahead!

Marg and I are so excited about the many libraries that are joining 5000 Poppies … If you would like to join a group locally check with your local library to see if they are involved with the Project, and if they are not … we would be happy to have them on board of course.

We will post some pics of the Craft and Quilt Fair later in the week.  In the meantime … happy poppy making.


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Poppy Ramblings …

Good Morning poppy friends …

This morning we passed the 17,000 mark on our poppy journey …  with 1,200 poppies safely arriving during the week … that’s a mammoth effort …. it seems like only yesterday we were getting excited about receiving 10 in the mail.  On Anzac Day 2014 we were standing at 12,500 … and now we are at over 17,000, and Marg and I are becoming more and more excited every day about the visual extravaganza we are creating for those we want to honour … quite simply the response has been astounding.

We have many many letters and notes of thanks from people for the opportunity to be involved in such a wonderful project … and while we know that it just takes a spark to ignite a flame … it takes a lot of fuel to keep the fire burning … and that’s what it feels like to us.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHow gorgeous is this display for Anzac Day (I wish I could tell you who contributed the photo but I didn’t mark it :()

On another matter, I had a distressed note from a lady this week who is a keen contributor and has been working hard at trying to get a movement happening in her home town … She has found that while she has been distributing our patterns widely … and encouraging people to be involved in the bigger project … there are some who would prefer to keep their poppies closer to home as a local tribute.  Marg and I are thrilled that the project has captured the imagination of so many … in so many places.  And, it’s heartening to us see the project being taken up as a local project … there are many groups all over Australia making poppies for the project and displaying them locally this November for Remembrance Day and then sending them down to us so that they can be part of the bigger project … and we think this is wonderful.  There are also a few groups making and displaying their poppies locally for Anzac Day next year … we also think this is a wonderful thing.  There will be handmade poppy wreaths made and laid … and there are many pictures on the facebook page of people who are taking their poppies with them on international sojourns and laying them in places I have never been, in honour of those heroes that this tribute is all about … all sparked by the involvement in the 5000 Poppies Project.  Thank you!!!  We do ask if you are making and displaying locally, that you acknowledge the bigger project as well … that helps to drive the message to more and more people.   We are SO incredibly humbled by the movement that has sprung up … and it truly is wonderful way of being an integral part of something really huge … while still keeping it very personal.

On another note again … I see that the New Zealand group have accumulated more than 3,000 poppies on their way to their goal of 5,000 (and still with 10 months to go) and have also managed to secure a place to display their collection … excellent Lisa … I know you and your team are working hard … I can’t wait to see the outcome.

With much love and grateful blessings … Lynn and Marg.

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