Everything is POZIBLE

We have some VERY exciting news …

This week we have gone live with our Pozible crowd funding initiative.

We are looking to raise in excess of $50,000 to cover the costs of our display for Anzac Day next year.  The incredible participation rate, and the growth of the project from 5,000 to 100,000 plus poppies over the last 18 months, has meant that we need more dollars to mount the display … and we need your help.

We know that many of you have worked REALLY REALLY hard in helping to create this amazing poppy tribute (and amazing it will be).  And now we are asking you to help us to fund our display either directly through sponsoring a poppy or by sharing our crowd funding initiative with everyone you know and even some you don’t and encouraging them to participate.

St Ursulas College ToowoombaWe need to raise $50,000 in pledges before one cent comes to the project, so please share, share, share and then share this with all of your friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances. We have a limited time frame and the timing with Christmas in between is not perfect … so I ask you to act now and encourage everyone you know to consider sponsoring a poppy or poppies.

There are many sponsorship options … from $12.00 to $5000.00 … and an opportunity to have your sponsored poppies feature in Phillip Johnson’s Anzac Tribute garden at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show in March next year. Here is the link again.  http://www.pozible.com/project/188623

To share this post with everyone, simply click on the share button(s) below.

Wish us luck!!!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our wonderful nationwide community tribute.


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Just three short weeks ago I published that our total had reached 50,000.  And now this week we have clicked over the 60,000 mark. Do you get the feeling that something very special is building here and it is going to be REALLY BIG!!!!

Built with so much respect and gratitude … it’s kinda to me like paying it forward on so many levels so how could it be anything else.

I know your hearts will swell with pride when you see the images of our services personnel marching through a field of our poppies … knowing that you have contributed.  It makes my heart swell.  Now I am just getting all gushy here, but it’s hard not to!!!

I say it time and time again that you guys are AMAZING! There are poppies coming from everywhere and I love it that you can all share the vision that Marg and I have for this wonderful community project.

OK enough of that.  I thought I would share some of the lovely images that were posted on the facebook group and sent separately to me in and around Remembrance Day.  There are some very creative people in our poppy community and some incredible sentiment that has just been looking for a little bit of inspiration.  Congratulations to all of you for all your wonderful displays.  Enjoy.

1st Lethbridge Cub ScoutsSandringham & District Historical Society Albany WA Alphington Grammar School Auckland New Zealand Australian Bosnian Community Boronia Library Diane Rhodes War Memorial Canberra Donald Fed Square Melbourne Frankston Library Goolwa South Australia Horsham Library 1 Horsham Library 2 Horsham Library 3 Hunters Green Retirement Village Jacaranda embroidery group Lilydale Library Lovely family image from Kate Edney Maryborough Craft Fest Mitchelton High School Mooroolbark Vic Morning Peninsula War Widows Guild Pomona Poppy planting by Fiona Williams Port Broughton RSL Prince Edward gifted a poppy by our very own Judy Carroll Puckapunyal Remembrance Day Toowoomba Smythesdale Historical Society Southern Jazz Club Adelaide Springwood NSW St Ursulas College Toowoomba  Unknown library location via Kay DickensonTheresa Peters Unknown location via Jodie Lunson Unknown location via Karen Winch Unknown location via Pam Hislop Walkerville SA Wodonga Library Wreath from Susan Hammond Yarra Library Richmond


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Well my fellow poppy makers … Big round of applause here … you are amazing!!!!!

We have passed the 50,000 poppy milestone …

Marg and I are continually stunned, thrilled and incredibly humbled by your work!!!  We still get excited every time we open the mail … and we are still surprised by the variations on the poppy theme.  My back room is filling up fast with boxes of poppies as you would imagine, and we are working on the final designs … We are expecting that ultimately we will have in excess of 100,000 poppies … it’s hard to know but when all those local Remembrance Day events are done with and all those community groups that are displaying locally send their collections to us … the numbers will swell to overflowing.  YAY!  In turn, our installation is obviously going to be much bigger than we initially had planned for and there are a lot of issues to be managed with the change in size … but we are getting very excited about the outcome … and we know you will be astounded.

Loomband Poppies by Zoe Greenhill Aged 10

Loomband Poppies by Zoe Greenhill Aged 10

We have had a number of really wonderful events in recent weeks … First Convoy in Melbourne, The Stitches and Craft Show also in Melbourne and the unveiling of many thousands of beautiful poppies at the First Convoy Commemorative events in and around Albany in Western Australia in the last week.  Many of you would have seen the images and are now coming to understand just what we are hoping to achieve with this massive art installation … We hope you are getting as excited about the outcome as we are.

Marg and I are also thrilled that The New Zealand contingent have collected well over the 10,000 beautiful poppies on their way to 18,000 plus … in honour of their ANZAC heroes.  What a wonderful international phenomenon this has become.

So on to more practical issues … we have many new collection points coming on board all the time … so if you are wondering whether you have a local collection point to drop your poppies off … check the collection points page on the blog.

If you have sent poppies to us and can’t find your name and dedication on the blog … let us know and we will investigate.  Keeping up with this information is detailed and quite time consuming so bear with us … we will get there.

We will be in Federation Square in Melbourne opposite Flinders Street Railway Station (if the weather is good) on 11 November from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.  Bring your hooks/needles and yarn to sit and make with us … if you wish or simply drop by to say hello … and/or drop of your poppies.  We look forward to seeing you.  If the weather is inclement … we will be downstairs in the Atrium near the Ian Potter Gallery entrance.  You can’t miss us.

Keep your eye on the blog and the facebook page for events/workshops/displays.

That’s it for now.

Enjoy making.



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Poppies, Poppies and More Poppies

Good morning poppy makers and friends … we have had a REALLY busy few weeks at Poppy HQ in Melbourne … with planning for our initial display well underway … a few radio interviews, the First Convoy Commemoration at Princes Pier last week and the Stitches and Craft Show in Melbourne to prepare for, not to mention the counting of poppies and documenting the contributors and dedications … it’s getting bigger all the time and I didn’t think we could get any more excited … but we are bursting with joy here.

We are currently at 42,898 and inching our way towards 50,000 by Remembrance Day (I knew we could do it)  … and this week’s mail is huge.  We have also collected over 2000 beautiful poppies from the earlier Stitches and Craft Show in Newcastle as well as the Melbourne Show.  Amazing!!!  I have no doubt that our revised 102K plus target is well and truly in sight.

How amazing you are.

So if you happen to be in Melbourne for the weekend … we are at Stitches and Craft at Caulfield Racecourse for the rest of the weekend and if you are not busy on Remembrance Day this year (which is a Tuesday) … we will be at Fed Square on the Forecourt from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Would LOVE to see you.

Stitches and Craft Melbourne

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Has it been that long ….

I guess it has been that long.  But SOOOOOO much has been happening!

We currently have around 40,000 poppies in our hands at poppy headquarters with many thousands set to arrive in the months after Remembrance Day. And … ostensibly only 22 more weeks of poppy making ( but we hope to have the bulk LONG before then) before all poppies are due to be delivered to us in Melbourne.

We have so many new groups joining including schools, libraries even whole towns, and we are sure we will make over 100,000 beautiful handmade poppies and Marg and I are delighted that you will all be such an important part of this wonderful Project.  Workshops are happening all over the country … and collection points are springing up everywhere … so keep your eye out on the blog or the facebook group for news in these areas.  Basically the whole nation is embracing this amazing project and we are thrilled.

Phillip Johnson and his team have been working hard on a concept for the project.  He has asked me to gently encourage the poppy team to greater aspirations and to keep making.

Western Australia is excited about having the display in WA for Remembrance Day 2015 and we are actively looking to where after that but our hope is for it to go to all Australian capital cities throughout the duration of the centenary and then to as many of the regions as we can accommodate.  That obviously depends on where the funding for transport comes from so still a lot to work out.

We are in the process of putting together a fundraising video to go to the crowd for funding to mount the Fed Square display.  Obviously this wonderful project has grown well beyond our initial expectations and consequently it will not be a simple “field” as we had initially envisaged.  So we need to raise funds to do it justice.  More about that soon. And we are about to approach the War Memorial again but from a different perspective this time about the possibility of a long term display and see where that takes us.

There is so much more happening … but I’ll keep some of it under wraps for a little while longer until we have fleshed out the detail.

Don’t forget that there are so many Centenary projects happening all around Australia … check your local Centenary Committee for details.  In Victoria has the First Convoy Commemoration in Melbourne on 19 October.   We will be mounting a display at the Melbourne service and also be there to collect poppies and maybe even make one or two …. and to meet those who come along.  If you are Victorian based and want to attend, you need to book tickets.   There will also be First Convoy Commemorations in Albany Western Australia from 31 October to 2 November which will feature a huge amount of poppies from the 5000 Poppies Project.  Can’t wait to see the pics of that.

First Convoy Banner

So my poppy friends … keep making … but even more so … keep enjoying making.

Lynn & Marg.

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Super Star Landscape Designer Joins 5000 Poppies ….

Good evening poppy makers and supporters …  What amazing few weeks we have had at 5000 Poppies Headquarters.  We are rapidly approaching the 35,000 mark with 34,577 poppies received to date.  We have almost doubled our count since Anzac Day this year … and still have 6 months plus and many thousands of poppies still to come. I am continually astounded by the commitment of this massive nationwide team.

But the really big news is that INTERNATIONAL SUPER STAR award winning landscape designer  Phillip Johnson (the BEST landscape designer in the world as judged at the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower and Garden Show) … has offered to design our poppy display on Anzac Day next year.  We have known for some time with the number of poppies that we are collecting that the display will be amazing … but now it will be WORLDCLASS amazing (and I am sure it will go viral through social media channels).  So we are beyond thrilled about Phillip’s excitement, drive and commitment to the project.  His vision for the display is mind boggling … but you will have to wait to see that.

Phillip Johnson LandscapesSo my friends, if that doesn’t get you excited … there will be more coming in the next months.

Phillip has asked what it would take to make half a million poppies … After I recovered … I had a bit of a chuckle about what my backroom would look like, but really there is absolutely no reason why we can’t reach 102,784. So I am committed … how about you?







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Spring has sprung ….

Didn’t spring just creep up on us … I am sitting here musing for my post today and thinking just how far we have come from June last year when we started up this wonderful project.  How many new people we have met, how many wonderful stories we have been privy to … and feeling incredibly humbled by your “call to arms” for poppy making.  It’s fair to say that this type of craft is a traditionally woman’s domain and so the majority of our contributors are women … however, there have been a significant number of men contributors as well as children.  The ages of our contributors range from 2 to 102 (at least that’s the age ranges I know of … there may be some outside of this) … and from all areas, interests and walks of life.  When I was asked recently in a television interview just what I thought this project was about … my answer was community and connection.  5000 Poppies has been a way for many many thousands of people who may not have otherwise connected in any way, to be a part of something so much bigger than any one of us as individuals,  and to show our service men and women and their families through the generations that we are grateful for their contribution to our way of life.  It is not about the glorification of war … it is about honouring their courage and their sacrifice … and I can’t help but be excited about Anzac Day next year as we work on the design for our display.

image-1.jpegFaye's Poppies

In the last week or so on the facebook page which many of you will not see … we have had a sharing of the most incredible poetry … obviously the 5000 Poppies project has touched the hearts of so many and some have put their thoughts and feelings into poetry.  I have shared a few of these poems below for you … such stunning beauty.  Thank you.

By Teresa Ellum

The slip knot secure on the knitting needle
I begin—adding stitches as contentment & warmth builds
Bright red wool, softly runs through my fingers
Rows added, the shape slowly appears
Thoughts run deep, whilst hands are busy
Remembering brave men, fighting for our freedom
Wool as red and thick as blood
Symbolic, as another row is completed
Sons, fathers, uncles, brothers, lovers
Many died, but not forgotten
Nearly complete—a centre of black, as we mourn for them all
A few scraps of green, to show new life, the gift they gave us
The finished product—A beautiful RED POPPY–made with love

The slip knot secure on the knitting needle…………………………

by Meredith Atilemile

Through Polygon Wood

Through Polygon Wood we walked
(In dappled shade of leafy trees
thick undergrowth of fern and bush)
I saw the bare and jagged branches reaching for Heaven.

Through Polygon Wood we walked
(The damp path well-defined and solid)
I smelled the stinking, hungry mud.

Through Polygon Wood we walked
(Green and yellow light
Sweet scent of hidden flowers)
I tasted the searing poison of gas.

Through Polygon Wood we walked
(Birds twittering
and calling to each other)
I heard the screech of shells, roaring explosions, cries of pain.

Through Polygon Wood we walked
(Gentle breeze passing through the leaves)
I felt the sighs of a generation lost.

by Marg Wilson

The blurred faces of people unknown
dreamed into her sleeping mind,
crowds marching, amassing and rushing,
up embankments and hills they climbed

bugles played in the distance
as ghostly horsemen galloped by
nurses, stretchers; a soldier young,
cradling his mate as he died

She’d researched her father’s uncle
Who’d survived the first world war
Despite shrapnel wounds in Belgium
He’d made it home to Australian shores

Thanked by his town in a homecoming
He’d responded in the words of the brave
“I only wish I could have done more, and
lets honour those resting in graves”.

how she wished she could have known him
and just how can you thank them enough
for protecting their country and loved ones
in the grief of battle, the mud and the blood

she saw through the haze of emotion
the poppy she last night had knitted
with her words of dedication pinned to it,
“For Arthur”, so tenderly written

She picked up that blood red Poppy
And felt humbled with the pride that it gave,
And pledged to knit countless others
In honour of our Anzacs so brave.

Lest we forget

by Elizabeth Riordan Evans

The blood, the guns, ring the bells once again
For tonight has been the death of some fine gentlemen
Cry and pray say the ringers of the bell
For the gentlemen who gave their lives so well

For the country they say
It is all a lie
What’s so glorious about going that far to die?

The gas, the disease, the death & blood
The hurt, the dead, the cold unfeeling mud

The bodies so mangled that you can’t recognise them
And other bodies lined up in front & behind them

Ring the bells ring the bells ring the bells once again
For tonight’s seen the death of some fine gentlemen

This was a 12 year old’s view of the war – in which her great grandfather fought (at Gallipoli) for the Royal Welch Fusileers.

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