Our first post is with the proof reader.  In the meantime … you can read about the project on our ABOUT 5000 POPPIES page.

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5 Responses to COMING SOON

  1. Lenny Vernall says:

    Hi crafters, , I love this idea. This is a respectful and honourable undertaking. Good luck, I’m looking for red wool now to start. Cheers, Lenny

  2. Lenny Vernall says:

    Hi crafters, In talking with my 82year old Scottish mother this morning, she spoke about people who were involved in WWI in her home town of Dundee, and that she would like to remember each; she went on to talk about her father a docker in WWII and the Queen Mary a hospital ship and some of the stories of WWII; Dad’s family were in London during WWII and Africa and my husband’s family were the New Zealand contingent in Italy and Africa; my daughter-in-law’s family were in Europe serving. So as we are such a multi-cultural family we will be sending you lots of poppies. We don’t have any Australian members who served in those years under the Australian flag- but the flags are many in these theatres of war and the remembrance just as dear. Cheers, Lenny

  3. 5000poppies says:

    Lenny that made my heart skip a few beats and is so fundamental to the heart of this project. What a wonderful story. I would love to post this story if you are happy for me to do that. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Geraldine Giles says:

    Thank you so very much for posting patterns for all the Poppies. I have shared this with many people and will be raising funds towards our own Royal British Legion by making poppies and receiving donations to a great and worthy cause. Thank you so much for sharing the patterns with us ♥ x

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