I am so excited to be sharing this wonderful new community craft/art project with you.

Between 2014 and 2018 Australia will commemorate the Anzac Centenary, marking 100 years since Australia’s involvement in the First World War.

The aim of this project is to create a field of 5000 poppies which will be displayed publicly in Melbourne on ANZAC Day 2015 as a community tribute to commemorate more than a century of service by Australian servicemen and women in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations in which Australians have been involved.

poppies 2

Now I know that 2015 seems a long way off … Almost two years … But there is a LOT of work to be done between then and now and a milestone or two to meet along the way.

5000 seems like a large number right now … But I know its achievable …Once the crafting community get behind the project.  Already we have at least 10 contributors making poppies … And almost 100 poppies have been made in only a couple of weeks .

Poppies can be crocheted, knitted, felted or stitched in any design you like and must, of course, be RED and no more than 15 cm in diameter.  That’s the only criteria.

I happen to be a crocheter, and will post a pattern shortly for a simple crochet version to get you started.  In the meantime, however, there are many knit and crochet patterns available on the internet and many references if stitching is your thing … and, although I have not looked, I am sure there is at least one YouTube tutorial for a crochet or a knit poppy on there somewhere as well.

The first milestone is to make at least 500 poppies for display at Fed Square to commemorate Remembrance Day 2013.  This will generate public interest for the project and get people excited about contributing.  More news on this soon.

We will also be running a couple of workshops at Fed Square over the next few months for anyone who would like to join our little group … Which will be a lot of fun.

So if you would like to get involved in this wonderful, worthwhile, meaningful community craft/art project … we would love to have you.

More news very soon.

About 5000 Poppies

The 5000 Poppies Project is a community tribute of respect and remembrance for our servicemen and women, their families and their communities. Created in 2013 by sisters in law Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight in honour of their fathers service in WWII, the project has been closely aligned with the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, and has consisted of a number of small and large scale installations made from handcrafted poppies from many thousands of contributors from all over the world.
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61 Responses to 5000 POPPIES

  1. wendynbix says:

    I’m a knitter rather than a crocheter, so I wonder if anyone has a knitting pattern.they could post too..

  2. Ann Lynch says:

    If someone posts a knitting pattern I will be in. Anzac Day is very dear to my heart.

  3. What an amazing project. Good luck. Xxx

  4. Judy Duckett says:

    Cannot wait to see the crochet pattern. I have googled patterns and found quite a few but I will wait to see yours. What an amazing idea!!!

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Judy, have put up a draft version of the pattern … would love you to trial for me and feedback if you wish. Enjoy making. It’s such good fun and they are so QUICK to make.

  5. wendynbix says:

    found a nice knitting pattern… which I adapted just a smidge to suit bluebell rather than 8 ply cause that what I had at hand…and have three here waiting to wing their way to you.

  6. wendynbix says:

    As I think about this project I am reminded of the epitaph on the headstone of a soldier buried at Port Arthur Tasmanian …so I thought I’d share it with you all. It reminds me just what huge role the armed forties have played in this country since settlement.

    I left my nation and my home
    my country to defend.
    I here shall lay till the last day
    till time shall have an end.
    When Jesus calls my dust shall rise
    When the last trumpet sound
    with millions more ascend the skies
    by angels guarded round.

    From the headstone of Robert Flowers of the 96th Regiment, died at Port Arthur July 12 1845.

  7. Alison Poulton says:

    Count me in! I have found a pattern and stared my first poppie! I am a crocheter too, so will share this with my crafty friends on FaceBook, and on Tuesday (when kids are back at school) I will add a link on my website. My Great Grandfather fought in WW1, and it has flowed down through the family. Best of luck, will post pics ASAP ❤

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thank Alison.
      It will be a lot of fun.
      We have a facebook group as well … 5000poppies … would love to have you join the group and post your photos and comments.

  8. Dannie Kennedy says:

    Can’t wait to see your pattern. I’d love to help out!

  9. Dannie Kennedy says:

    .. What a special idea x

  10. donna bedggood says:

    My grandmother is 94 this year – born 1919.. She’s a lifetime knitter and crochets too…. for hospitals, service men and for the poorer communities overseas. She’s been involved in C.W.A and would find other women to join in making them…. this would be something close to her heart..

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thanks Donna … I know the project with resonate with many many people for a whole lot of different reasons. I look forward to your grandmother’s involvement.

  11. Kristine Robbs says:

    Sounds wonderful. What address do we send completed poppies to. I’d love to have a go at knitting a poppy.

  12. Joanne C says:

    I am an avid crocheter in Canada and would love to help with this project. Looking forward to the pattern.

  13. dottydotty says:

    I’d live to crochet some for you I’m in the UK would that be ok Val

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thanks Dotty .. Would love to have you crochet some. It’s a wonderful project and has been incredibly well received. I look forward to your involvement. Lynn

  14. cristina says:

    me gusta,ya me pongo con todo para las amapolas!!!!gracias

  15. inmaculada says:

    Tejer para una causa, hermoso

  16. sara says:

    si mi piacerebbe partecipare, adoro i papaveri!

  17. barbara says:

    that is awesome
    i made 100 pink ribbons but a 1000 🙂

  18. Jo sharp says:

    Would love to get involved. Will look for a pattern on line

  19. Lynette Campton says:

    Lovely idea, I’m in. Just copied the crochet pattern you have written, seems like it will work well, will give it a go and let you know.

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thanks Lynette. Look forward to seeing your poppies in due course … so much fun and such a wonderful project. Enjoy crocheting. I will be posting a new pattern submitted by one of the participants in the next day or so once we have tested it. Seems easier, quicker and less yarn. Very effective. Lynn

      • Lynette Campton says:

        Just finished my first crochet poppy, and your pattern was fine, except I started it off with 5 chains to form a ring to work the first 10 trebles into. It is lovely and I will be making a lot more. I am a Country Women’s Association member of Glenreagh Branch in NSW and I took it to our friendship day today and two ladies are going to make some crochet ones and another knitted one and she will continue to knit more. I am taking it along to our craft afternoon tomorrow and am sure some more of our ladies will join in with this project. I am looking forward to seeing the next crochet pattern you are writing. Told a craft officer at a nursing home in Coffs Harbour today and she thinks some of the residents there might like to do some as well. I am sure we will be able to help you make the 5000.

      • 5000poppies says:

        Wonderful Lynette … excited about the level of interest … and I think it’s suitable for all ages. I have posted another crochet pattern today which originated from Lorraine Bishop which is much easier, much less fibre and much quicker. You will see the results posted on the blog tomorrow.

  20. Dawn says:

    WOW – this is pretty amazing! The poppies are beautiful! 🙂 What a fun project and lovely pattern!!!

  21. kerri jolly says:

    I would love to get involved with the 5000 poppies cause my son is in the ADF and I would love to represent him where can I get a crochet or knitted pattern

  22. Jenni S. says:

    I will be visiting Villiers Brettaneux, the Australian Memorial in France in October and driving around for 3 weeks. Will knit as DH drives. Thanks for the pattern, will also post it on my blog for you.

  23. June says:

    A wonderful idea, I would love to contribute poppies to this project.

  24. Krystyna Wade says:

    Hi, I mentioned this project to my quilt group today so hopefully we will get some poppies. One question I was asked and that is what is going to happen to all the donated poppies afterwards.

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Krystyna,
      We are still working on that question. They will either be donated to RSL/Legacy or another suitable organisation so they can sell them and make some money … but before that I am hoping also that we may be able to display them elsewhere … at least temporarily before they get donated. We think that 5000 gorgeous handmade poppies (or more) would raise a decent amount for charity but we don’t want to cut into the fundraising efforts of other organisations. They will not be returned to the original makers. That would just be an impossible task. We will keep you posted on this matter because we know it’s an important one.

  25. Student 55 says:

    Hi…I’d love to help with this. I can’t wait for the pattern 🙂
    Wonderful idea!

  26. Kylie Paull says:

    Is it ok for me to cross stitch some

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