Well here the only criteria is that it must be red.  The pattern that I have posted in the patterns section of the blog calls for 8 ply but you can make your poppies from any red yarn you have.  Just modify the hook size and the number of rows to suit the size poppy you want (max. 15cm diameter).   The whole idea is to have the end result looking like a  wonderfully organic field or path of poppies … much like thousands of people have been making gorgeous poppies … which in reality is what we need to achieve our end goal.  And you know … I have delusions of grandeur here … I am asking myself why would we stop at 5000?  Enjoy your crocheting.

I have been working most of my poppies in red pure wool which from memory I bought for next to nothing from a fete somewhere and the results have been great.  But I ran out earlier this week, so I went off to my local Spotlight store and bought myself the cheapest yarn I could find … 100% acrylic … Vera Moda Stallion Yarn at $1.99 for a 100 gram ball … and a really great red.  I wanted to test whether the acrylic yarn could give me the finish I was looking for and I am very happy to report that the outcome is perfect. Colour is perfect.  And … it’s not hard on your hands like some acylic yarns can be.  Can’t tell you yet how many poppies to the ball based on my pattern but I will let you know when I’ve finished the ball.

I am kinda hoping that I might be able to find a yarn sponsor to help out with the yarn a little or a lot so if you have ANY contacts and would like to share … just respond to this post.


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