The word is spreading … and we now have well over 100 finished poppies heading towards our first milestone of 500 plus for our initial display at Fed Square in early November for Remembrance Day … with more being made all the time, and more and more people joining the project.

At my little Pubknit and Stitch group last night … many of the ladies had embraced the project with some gusto and poppies were popping up everywhere.  Some had used the patterns on the blog … and some had done their own thing. Sue has modified the blog crochet pattern to incorporate the centre into the whole flower which is clever … quicker and easier with a lovely and slightly different outcome … which I think is wonderful. We are not looking to create a field of homogenised poppies … we LOVE to see all the differences … different colour red yarns … different stitches … so that ultimately when they are all laid out … there will be some movement … So keep up the REALLY great work ladies … this is just the beginning.

Sue E poppies

Just a little postscript here : we have around 17 weeks to complete at least another 360 poppies … my calculator says that’s around 22 poppies a week across all contributors.           Not beyond the realms of possibility I wouldn’t think.  So … I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions … and ask that you recruit as widely as you can to help.


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  1. Sue Taylor says:

    Hi Lynn
    I have just found this wonderful project and am busily making my first (of many) poppies. I love being part of community art projects especially when they involve yarn and fabric and are for such a worthy cause.

    I will share this project on my page and hopefully we can get lots more’ hookers’ involved.

    Sue Taylor

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thanks Sue,
      I think it will be a a lot of fun and resonate with many many people … I look forward to seeing your poppies in due course.
      Feel free to join our facebook group … 5000 poppies and post your photos and comments.

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