More Poppies From Afar ….

Love, love, love this evolution of the knitted poppy design from Faye Snell-Clements. I imagine it is so much quicker to knit and pull together.  Love your work Faye!!!!!

photo (4)

Below are Faye’s comments :

Well I’m hooked on these beautiful flowers, such a joy to knit and I have recruited quite a few fellow knitters who are keen to knit and pass on the word! The photo is of a new pattern I am trying which incorporated the center of the poppy all in one go … not knitted separately . The bottom right poppy is the start and the middle one is when the tail end of the black thread is used to gather up the middle and then sew in the cross in the middle of the flower. These two have 96 stitches so make a slightly smaller poppy. The one on the bottom left of the photo is Lynn’s pattern with a bit of a change to it to create the center in one. Still haven’t come to the end of my $2 ball of yarn an have knitted 9 already.
I am off to the hairdresser today so guess what I will be doing whilst waiting for my foils to process, mmmmmm such a cosy project.

I am sure Faye would be happy for everyone to incorporate her changes into the pattern.

Enjoy knitting Poppies!!!!




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3 Responses to More Poppies From Afar ….

  1. Ann Lynch says:

    Can she post her amended pattern please?

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Ann. I have added Faye’s modifications to my pattern which includes an integrated centre. I prefer working with my pattern but I do think the integrated centre does make it a little easier.

  2. Marg says:

    They look fab!

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