Fed Square Workshop and More …

Very excited!!!! Our first workshop at Fed Square was a great success with a wonderful group of crocheters and knitters turning up to make poppies and much interest generated among those who couldn’t spend time with us.  Ben who had never crocheted before  managed to make a good fist of it with his partner Frances who is a crocheter and really enjoyed playing … Lucy who has not crocheted for years made two poppies and is coming back to make more.  Jill who has also limited crochet experience made 3 poppies and Anette was knitting poppies at a rate of knots. Thank you all for coming along …  it was such a lovely afternoon.  We will be back at Fed Square on Monday 12 August from 12.00 til 2.00 p.m.  See you there.

photo 2

photo 1

And then to cap it all off … I came into work on Tuesday morning and there is a bunch of 11 knitted poppies (apparently from one ball of yarn) sitting on my desk from Faye Snell-Clements.  Gorgeous!!  Her revised pattern where you knit the body of the poppy and the black all in one will shortly be posted in the patterns section of the blog for those who would like to try it out.

Fayes Knitted Poppies

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