Lorraine’s Poppy Pattern

Thank you so much Lorraine for you suggestions regarding my crochet poppy pattern. Marg and I have had a play with your pattern and love the outcome although neither of us could get that wonderful bell shape that you have created (I think that might have something to do with the yarn or the size of the hook).   Having said that … not only is it easy and so much quicker to make … having only two rows (although I cheated and added in a double crochet row after the first row to make it a little larger) it uses half the yarn of the original pattern.  So it is now posted in the patterns section on the blog.

Everyone is welcome to join our 5000 Poppies Facebook group and post your own photos and comments for the whole community to share.

You will find the new pattern here https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/poppy-patterns/

The first pic below is Lorraine’s original which is gorgeous … and ended up about 10cm diameter. The second is my interpretation which ended up around 8-9cm.  I plan to try with a larger hook and see if that makes any difference, and the third is Marg’s interpretation.

I think it’s a winner!!!!!

Lorraine's pattern

Lorraine’s pattern

Lorraines Poppy

Lorraines Poppy by Marg

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