Poppy Musings

A week is a long time in poppy land …. I am back with another 40 poppies or more in my hot little hand after a week stitching with a group of women in Hawaii.  I know … it’s a tough life!  But happy to say … once the jetlag is passed … I will back full swing into poppy making mode.  I was delighted to see and hear that poppy making has not paused at all in my absence and with the number of poppies flowing in … we will certainly be up over the thousand mark well before the end of the this month.  Planning has begun in earnest for the display in Fed Square and I am hoping as that many of you who have contributed will be able to see the display, although I am aware that many are not Melbourne based but I will post images.  Watch this space or the facebook page … I will publish firm dates for the display shortly.

I have not yet picked up my mail from the post box … but will do so later today.  In the meantime .. thanks go to Frauline Knippel from Benalla for the lovely little hoard she has sent along.

Enjoy your Poppy Making … more news soon as I catch up on myself

Frauline Knippel.

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One Response to Poppy Musings

  1. Alma Reid says:

    I have made some poppies for you but don’t know where to send them Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 20:28:02 +0000 To: areid1932@msn.com

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