What do the stats say about our little project …

I have just been looking at the last week’s stats for our blog and noted (with some excitement I might add) that there have been 5,542 views of the patterns in the last week alone.  Does that mean that 5,542 poppies are being made as I write?  Oh if only.  I guess they won’t all make it for the Fed Square launch but goodness me … I think we are well and truly out there.  And that is thanks to all of you … and of course all of you who follow, comment and share on both the blog and Facebook … that’s the way social media works.  Like a ripple on a pond.

So end of last week we were at 3948 … I’ve counted 61 so far this week … so that tips us over the 4000 mark.  Congratulations … an amazing effort …. we could not be more thrilled.

This beautiful image was posted on the Facebook group last week by Julie Vascocz … I thought I would share it with you.  It features her poppies with her grandfather Rupert Thomas Collier’s medals, helmet and field glasses.  Thank you so much for sharing Julie.

Julie Vascocz

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One Response to What do the stats say about our little project …

  1. Vera Rayson, Campbell Town Tasmania says:

    I’m absolutely amazed at the staggering amount of poppies which are getting send in. What a wonderful effort from around the country and aboard. This will be big come 2015 and I’m for one
    will be proud to have been part off this project.
    I love the photo Julie. Beautiful composed. Well done Julie.
    Regards Vera Rayson and happy poppy making.

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