It’s been a while …

So it’s a couple of weeks since I posted last … but things have not been quiet in poppy land.  We have run a workshop making fabric poppies with Margaret Banks at Open Drawer in Camberwell … netting 21 poppies on the night from some enthusiastic makers.  It was fun.  I have also presented to the Handknitters Guild of Victoria and rallied up a few new makers … what a fantastic bunch of ladies they are … and I have finally joined the Handknitters Guild (I’ve only been knitting for 42 years).  I also had morning tea with the residents and friends at the Villa Maria Society in Wantirna … they were keen to hear the background to the project and we shared and swapped lovely stories while they made poppies.  And last … but not least, we have managed to amass another pool table full of poppies … and we are rapidly approaching the 6000 mark.  Admittedly the pace has slowed post Remembrance Day, and I expect that people will take a little breather over Christmas (as I will) but we will gear up again with gusto in the new year … and will need to if we want to reach the 25,000 mark.  So we have just over 19,000 to go … in 16 months …. that’s more than 1000 a month. So feel free to spread the word.  I know it’s achievable.


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6 Responses to It’s been a while …

  1. Karen Boulden says:

    My sister and I are still making poppies, as are many others, I am sure! Will post in the New Year, after the Christmas rush.
    All the bet to you,

    Karen and Deb

    • 5000poppies says:

      Thanks Karen and Deb.
      I know there are many out there making … it’s exciting to know that people are really working hard at making this a real and fitting tribute.
      Thanks for your support.

  2. Bronwyn Britton says:

    I only heard about the 5000 Poppy craze a few weeks ago. I have made my First poppy today while watching the cricket, hope to make more as day goes on! I have told 3 friends today about it & they will also get knitting/crocheting. It is a very exciting venture, i am alresdy addicted.

  3. Wendy Cadby says:

    Hi Lynn
    I have been happily making a few poppies, only 9 to date. but hope to make more in 2014. Heard about it all a little late in the year. A friend is also crocheting some and I am trying to spread the word. So there will be more to come from us in 2014. I am aiming for 20 at the moment as my Mother in laws brother died at 20 in WWII.
    Cheers Wendy

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Haplpoy new year. I am just catching up on some admin for the project, and cannot see that I have responded to your email …so I apologise if I have already.
      I am thrilled that you are able to join us … not much poppy making for me over Christmas with all my commitments but getting back into it now.
      Thanks for spreading the word … look forward to seeing your poppies at some later stage. Don’t forget to attach your dedication.

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