We Are Gaining Momentum

This article has appeared in Issue 113 : 2014 edition of Textile Fibre Forum Magazine.  I just could not wait to share it with you.  YAY!!!  Thank you Textile Fibre Forum Magazine for helping to spread our message ever wider.


2014 02 26_4838

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2 Responses to We Are Gaining Momentum

  1. Congratulations on spreading the word so well.

    ACH Group customers and staff are working on knitting and crocheting poppies to contribute. Some of our residents in nursing homes are working in small groups and independently, enjoying using their skills and pouring love into their poppies in remembrance of the people they lost.
    We will also display Poppies in ACH Group in South Australia during the South Australian Living Artists festival in August 2014 to promote this project.

  2. Ledy Rowe says:

    You might have to be 50,000 poppies or 500,000 poppies. I have a couple for you but injury is delaying their delivery. Well done Cheers Ledy


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