5000 Poppie NZ Update

Hi There Everyone,

In NZ we are doing well with the making and collecting of the poppies. Todays count – 813!

We have many people here on board now from RSA’s to craft groups. Even schools are getting on board and children are making felt ones which is lovely.  So far we have 200 members on our Facebook page (5000 Poppies NZ).  Everyone have been so supportive in this huge endeavour.

The only snag we have at the moment is where to display our beautiful poppies. Unfortunately the Auckland War Museum has declined to display them.  So this has slowed the organising of it a little.  At this stage loads of emails have gone out to venues in the hope someone will see the merit in what we are doing and jump on board and help.  Once we know where the display will be we will let everyone know.

Thank you to everyone so far who has contributed, given advice and asked questions.  We appreciate it.

Lisa Wallace

NZ Co-ordinator



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7 Responses to 5000 Poppie NZ Update

  1. Hi Lisa, have you contacted the Genealogy Section of the Auckland Library? I am a Librarian and could help you with this.

  2. kathryn.weston@vodafone.co.nz says:

    Hi Lisa thanks for the update, we are still collecting our poppies, there are a fair few in the squeezy plastic bag now, but they keep making them at the Craft/ Quilt Group. I will send them to you once they stop turning up each week.

    My ladies have come up with the suggestion of Auckland Art Gallery, The Cathedral, Auckland, St Marys Aukland. as places to display them.

    Let us know when you have a need for people to help put what ever it is going to be together.

    Kathryn Weston – ph 09 6243470

    • lisawallace5000 says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      I have emailed the Art Gallery. Still waiting on a reply. The Cathedral is a great idea. I will email them tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.
      I look forward to your collection of poppies. I will also let you know about helping to display them when the time comes. It is going to be a big job.

  3. Ledy Rowe says:

    Have a little faith for a moment. Perhaps the idea may be so ‘out there’ that perhaps they cannot comprehend how wonderful it would be, what an honour it would be and how fantastic the outcome would be, if they shared the space to display all the individual poppies of honour. I am happy to help you (from Australia). It may be that at this time, the answer is no —- but as the 100th anniversary gets closer and the press received from the 5000 poppies project in Australia picks up momentum, it may be right to ask again. Let’s call them ANZAC Poppies and let’s work together to get an appropriate venue to display the care, love and honour created to celebrate our fallen ANZACs. Well done.

  4. Naiomi says:

    Hi there, I am the events manager at Rotorua Museum and am very interested in displaying your poppies as part of our WW prorgrammes! If you could contact me on naiomi.murgatroyd@rdc.govt.nz as soon as possible that would be fantastic.


  5. Sophie88 says:

    They are beautiful poppies.

  6. billienz1 says:

    How can we get involved with this? My local craft group is interested

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