The Origins of the Anzac Day Rituals …

It’s really interesting the stories that you hear as a result of this project …. Russ Clements, the husband of Faye Clements one of our Poppy designers, sent in this precis of an article written about his great uncle …. Canon David Garland who is generally considered the architect of the Anzac Day rituals.

..”everyone knows the rituals surrounding Anzac Day – the wreath laying, the marches, the silence- but few know the clergyman who helped it become established.” A plaque honoring his work is at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Red Hill (Brisbane).  At the plaque’s unveiling historian Dr John Moses said if Canon Garland, “He was the driving force” As well as working on the day’s form to be established across the country and New  Zealand, Canon Garland is credited with initiating the March, the silence, the wreath laying and the non-denominational tone of the services.

There is plenty of information about Canon Garland on the internet if you are interested in the history of the Anzac Day Ceremony … Russ tells me … one recent article is titled “Push to remember Brisbane Clergyman’s role in Anzac history” Brisbane Times, July 16th 2013.

Thank you so much for sharing Russ … perhaps Faye … you might dedicate a poppy or two to Canon Garland.

Here are some images from Faye’s Healesville Library Poppy Playtime from yesterday.  Note the old Airforce buttons on the poppies.  What a bonus.

image-1.jpegFaye's Poppies image-2.jpegFaye's Poppies


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1 Response to The Origins of the Anzac Day Rituals …

  1. Vera Rayson says:

    Oh, I love the old air force buttons. What a bonus indeed.

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