2000 poppies today!  Tremendous effort!

Our first poppy display is up and looking amazing and beautiful.


There are 700 poppies on the panel.  3 hours to install. The effect I think is breathtaking.  So many people have contributed their poppies to this wonderful tribute.  I thank you all.


So onto the next stage.  More poppy making afternoon teas and venue organising.  I am getting closer! Watch this space.

Lisa Wallace

NZ Poppy Co-ordinator

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  1. Alla Malikoff says:

    A truly magnificent work of art! I am just sorry that I will not be able to see the real thing.Wishing you lots of good things for the Centenary next year. Will try and send more poppies before too long.

  2. sue says:

    The display looks amazing!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Hi Lisa

    I’m interested in rallying support in the Wellington area. Are you able to contact me to talk abouit the project.

    • celastrina says:

      Hi there – I am also happy to help out in the Wellington area if you need a hand 🙂 It would be great to have a poppy knit-along here somewhere!

      • lisawallace5000 says:

        Hi There,
        We may have to plan a knit-along later in the year.
        Check out our Facebook page: 5000 Poppies NZ for more details.

  4. 5000poppies says:

    That just looks brilliant Lisa … you should be very proud of your achievement.

  5. Anne says:


  6. Diane Wilsonb says:

    Hi Lisa from Taupo RSA Women’s Section. We are busy knitting poppies for you and we think your first display just looks GREAT! well done to you all.

    • lisawallace5000 says:

      Hi Dianne,
      Thanks for the feedback. It is going very well and I look forward to seeing what the Taupo RSA Women’s Section have been up to.
      happy crafting,

  7. Lesley says:

    Hi Lisa can you tell me the address to post you the poppies please. My 92yearsYOUNG Mumhas
    25 poppies to send. she has tried three different patterns. what is so special about this project is how it is filtering out to so many, after they see Mums beautiful poppies they tell friends and they start knitting. I now have three friends all inspired and knitting.
    We recently had a memorial ceremony for buring my dad’s ashes and the grandchildren all hung a poppy on the tree by his plot. A very special moment and memory. Lesley

    • lisawallace5000 says:

      Hi Lesley,
      Address to send NZ poppies to is:
      22/ i Mead Street
      Auckland 1026

      I look forward to seeing what you and your Mother have done.
      Lisa Wallace

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