Craft and Quilt Fair Melbourne

Hello poppy friends … just thought I would let you know that 5000 Poppies will be at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne (MECC/Jeff’s Shed) from tomorrow (Thursday) through to Sunday spreading the poppy word and making lots of lovely poppies.  We would love it if you could join us to make a poppy or two or just to say hello.  Bring a hook or needles … we have plenty of yarn. We are in Aisle G … behind G21 … you can’t miss us … we are the spectacular poppy display …. thank you Kate for your help today!!!  We have a blank wall ready for all the new poppies made at the fair.

Craft and Quilt 1 craft and quilt 2

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One Response to Craft and Quilt Fair Melbourne

  1. Helen Skerry says:

    Thanks for a great display at the show, it was a beautiful sight. Hope to make some to send to you soon. Love the idea.

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