The Wash Up …

We had a truly wonderful time at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne … many many people dropped by to see us … we gave away over 2000 patterns … so I think that may have an impact on the numbers in the end … and mostly everyone was totally blown away by the stand.

The Wall Craft and Quilt FairOur team working very hard on Saturday – Photo by Cam Holmes

In the end we dedicated two walls to new poppies either made or dropped off to the fair … and met many of our contributors face to face … it was a huge bonus for us to put human faces to our contributors.

We had children as young as 4 right up to older children in their 90’s make poppies with us … so much fun.  Thank you to all who have contributed to date and those who have now seen what we are doing and are planning to contribute … you are all the reason this wonderful project has become … well … so wonderful!!!

It will take a while to update the poppy count … but I will get there in the next couple of days.  The contributors list and the dedications may take a little longer.  Keep and eye on the blog.

Lastly … I need to thank all of the wonderful team who helped out both at the fair … and in the background … I will speak to you all individually but of course I can’t thank you enough … without you all … all the time  … this project would not be what it is … nor would we have quite so much fun.

See you at the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show next month.




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