Everything is POZIBLE

We have some VERY exciting news …

This week we have gone live with our Pozible crowd funding initiative.

We are looking to raise in excess of $50,000 to cover the costs of our display for Anzac Day next year.  The incredible participation rate, and the growth of the project from 5,000 to 100,000 plus poppies over the last 18 months, has meant that we need more dollars to mount the display … and we need your help.

We know that many of you have worked REALLY REALLY hard in helping to create this amazing poppy tribute (and amazing it will be).  And now we are asking you to help us to fund our display either directly through sponsoring a poppy or by sharing our crowd funding initiative with everyone you know and even some you don’t and encouraging them to participate.

St Ursulas College ToowoombaWe need to raise $50,000 in pledges before one cent comes to the project, so please share, share, share and then share this with all of your friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances. We have a limited time frame and the timing with Christmas in between is not perfect … so I ask you to act now and encourage everyone you know to consider sponsoring a poppy or poppies.

There are many sponsorship options … from $12.00 to $5000.00 … and an opportunity to have your sponsored poppies feature in Phillip Johnson’s Anzac Tribute garden at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show in March next year. Here is the link again.  http://www.pozible.com/project/188623

To share this post with everyone, simply click on the share button(s) below.

Wish us luck!!!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our wonderful nationwide community tribute.


About 5000 Poppies

The 5000 Poppies Project is a community tribute of respect and remembrance for our servicemen and women, their families and their communities. Created in 2013 by sisters in law Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight in honour of their fathers service in WWII, the project has been closely aligned with the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, and has consisted of a number of small and large scale installations made from handcrafted poppies from many thousands of contributors from all over the world.
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4 Responses to Everything is POZIBLE

  1. Katherine says:

    I think I will use this for a Kris Kringle, for an older relative.

  2. Bron says:

    I dont understand why you dont get a cent if the target isnt reached. Where would the given money go?

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Bron,
      Happy new year.
      Re crowdfunding campaign : The money is only deducted from your accounts once the target is met … in this case $50,000. At present we have just over 5,000 pledged and unless we meet 50,000 in pledges, we will not receive anything and money will not be deducted.
      Hope that makes sense.
      Kind regards,

      • Bron says:

        Hi Lynn thanks so much for the info -it now makes sense to me ! regards Bron

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