This is the year!!!!

Half of January gone already and I feel like it’s only just started.

Is the world revolving faster … or am I a little slower …. OR … is it an optical illusion.

So much to achieve in a few short months. And we will be looking for many volunteers to help us to pull the display together once we have final sign off from those who govern OHS practices for community art project in public spaces (please let it be soon).

In the meantime, we are busily attaching poppies to stems for our March outing at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show as part of Phillip Johnson’s Anzac Tribute Garden the teaser to the main event in April.

We have ONLY 12 days to go on our POZIBLE crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 towards the costs of display and transportation of the installation.  We are well short of our target … with just over $8,000 pledged.  In the event that a miracle happens within the 12 day period … I will be able to rest a little easier.  If not … we will be activating plan B ….

Please be assured that the display will go ahead funds or no funds … it may just be a little different … although no less spectacular.  We have come far too far … and have invested far to much in the project not to make it amazing for us all and it will be amazing … no matter how we display it.

Goolwa South AustraliaThank you to the Goolwa team for use of the photograph

But … a couple of people have asked me recently why so much money? And the answer that I gave on the facebook page follows :

 … Firstly …. Let me just say … This project has had an amazing response from the wider community right from the very start … Marg and I have been overwhelmed … Literally and figuratively by the generosity of people … All of us really … Have given our time, our hearts, our own money to make this project what it is today … And what it will become. There are many points of view on the raising of funds and how to do it … But a little history … In the beginning … When it was just 5000 poppies … My husband and I were more than happy to fund the display … Of course … We wouldn’t have done it otherwise. We estimated we would need around $10,000 to do it well and we were willing to bear that cost. The generosity of a few friends early in the piece also helped with the ongoing admin costs … So moving on … The truth is now … This will be a major work …. 100,000 plus poppies is HUGE … We are looking at approx 1200 square metres of poppies … The materials cost alone to pull that together is around $15,000 – $20,000 plus transport plus storage plus rigging and equipment hire … Major art installations in public places are governed by stringent OH&S guidelines and we need to make sure these are covered … And then there is public liability insurance … And so the list goes on. And I just don’t have that kind of money! And we have not been eligible for a government grant to date. So we thought that crowdfunding might be a good way to go. Spread the cost over a large number of people to help to make our little project happen …

So … and this is really important. I am delighted that people have pledged on the Pozible site for us … BUT … I don’t want anyone to feel they MUST or feel like they are letting the side down if they don’t contribute. We WILL get enough funds … I am determined. If you don’t want to contribute money please don’t. There is NO judgement on your choice. You don’t need to justify to us or anyone … Contribute or don’t contribute … Your contribution of poppies and your wonderful support for the project to date is enough!!! It’s as simple as that. This project is ultimately about the sentiment … honouring our servicemen and women … And also the community and connection that such an amazing project has developed … We WILL find enough money …

…. On that note … I would like to point out that all money raised (no matter how it is raised) will go towards the costs of displaying the installation throughout the Centenary period … no one in our volunteer admin group is taking a cent out of funds.  In fact, on the contrary … many have supplied yarn and tools, and personal donations (some very generous) towards the cost of printing etc and admin.

I am feeling like that was all just a bit too serious …. but it needed to be said.

On a lighter note ….. we have amassed an amazing 81,983 poppies with more pouring in every day and thousands more still out there.

Please feel free to start sending in your poppies now if you haven’t already … we would like to get a feel for what we will be working with.

If you haven’t already, please consider supporting us on Pozible and ask your friends, family, work colleagues, customers, everybody really … to do the same.

About 5000 Poppies

The 5000 Poppies Project is a community tribute of respect and remembrance for our servicemen and women, their families and their communities. Created in 2013 by sisters in law Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight in honour of their fathers service in WWII, the project has been closely aligned with the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, and has consisted of a number of small and large scale installations made from handcrafted poppies from many thousands of contributors from all over the world.
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1 Response to This is the year!!!!

  1. Diane Collyer says:

    I will simply put my small donation in cash in with my bag of  (at the moment) 50 poppies.I will be knitting until the end of February when I go on holiday to New Zealand. I am very sorry I will be there when the Flower Show is on, but I will be back in Melbourne for Anzac Day. Love, and blessings and thanks for all your hard work which has taken over your life for the moment, Diane Collyer.

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