7 Days to Pledge

Good morning poppy makers and friends …

This time next week we will know if we have done the impossible …. raised $40,000 in pledges in just seven days to get us over the line with our crowdfunding initiative.

We are still at less than slightly less than 20% of our target, so if you are sitting on the fence … this is your big chance to support our wonderful grassroots, made by hand with love project …

It is our way of showing honour, respect and remembrance in a very visual way … please sponsor a poppy and ask all your friends family and colleagues to do the same.


Seven days …. $40,000

We can do this!!!!

Theresa Peters



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2 Responses to 7 Days to Pledge

  1. Olivia Pascoe says:

    I do not know whether I missed something but can you tell me what the money is being raised for please.

    I have already made hundreds of poppies and I supplied all the wool. Is that what the money is for??


    Olivia Pascoe

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Olivia,
      We are fundraising to cover the cost of mounting the display, transport and storage for the duration of the centenary.
      It’s quite a sum, I realise … When we started the project … we expected to have around 5000 Poppies … but it has grown to over 100,000 poppies over the two years of the project … and so MUCH more complex than the original expectation. We are incredibly grateful for your support making poppies and there is no expectation on you to donate. It is a choice.
      Warm regards,
      Lynn Berry

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