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It’s been quite a week for us this week … we have started assembling the panels for our rather large displays this week …. and we have a very long way to go.  Many thousands of poppies to attach to 800 square metres of netting.  It’s a huge undertaking and one that will take many many (perhaps thousands) of manhours to achieve. Poppies are still pouring in and we expect that we will have somewhere up around the 200,000 mark … so we are desperately calling for volunteers to help us.  We are currently working 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Friday in the Melbourne Town Hall … and will organise some evening and weekends as well to cater for those who would like to help but can’t make it during office hours.

In the first instance if you could email us at 5000poppies@gmail.com to register your interest.  We still have many vacancies for all days next week and we are looking for up to 20 volunteers a day.  Please help if you can spare a day and bring along your best friend as well … it’s fun, communal and the outcome will be worth every second you spend helping us.  We are trying to find a way to put together an online roster so you can just fill in your name … anybody with skills to do this out there?

We must thank the Melbourne City Council for access to the room … if only until 19 March … it is beautiful … light and airy and right in the heart of the City … could not be located any better really.

You may have noticed that we have also been incredibly busy in the media this week … a really LOVELY article in Leader Newspapers all over Melbourne, and yesterday a spot on the Today Show with Lisa and Karl (we are on first name terms now) for Marg and I.  The result is a new wave of interest in the project and many people offering to volunteer.  If you have offered to volunteer … we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Our silent auction for Margo Vigorito’s beautiful painting Serendipity is gathering momentum … you are welcome to email your bid to us at 5000poppies@gmail.com … so that’s also very exciting (see our earlier post for an image of the painting).

In the meantime … we continue to assemble our poppy panels at the Melbourne Town Hall … hope to see you there for a day or two.

Bunny The girls

About 5000 Poppies

The 5000 Poppies Project is a community tribute of respect and remembrance for our servicemen and women, their families and their communities. Created in 2013 by sisters in law Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight in honour of their fathers service in WWII, the project has been closely aligned with the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, and has consisted of a number of small and large scale installations made from handcrafted poppies from many thousands of contributors from all over the world.
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21 Responses to We Need You

  1. I am interested in helping where I can. I work shift work so the 9-5 may not be the best fit for me. Registering my interest.

    love always, Karyn Mitchell xxxooo

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Karyn,
      At present we only have the room at the Town Hall until l19 March or thereabouts.
      We are working 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. each day.
      If you can make it for a couple of hours we would love to see you.
      Keep you eye on the blog or better still join our facebook group for updates.

  2. wilma aylward says:

    Hi I can come in a couple of days next week. if you let me know what days I would love to help.

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Wilma,
      Would love to see you next week. We have roster vacancies for all days.
      Town Hall, Cnr Swanston and Little Collins Street, Melbourne. We are there from 9.00 a.m. each day until 5.00 p.m.
      We have a very active facebook group : just search for 5000 Poppies and if you would like to join.
      Let me know which day you are likely to come in. Look forward to seeing you.

  3. Fiona Cester says:

    Hoping to come in to help next week. Can you create a facebooki page so we can share your news easily? Good luck!

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Fiona,
      Would love to see you next week. We have roster vacancies for all days.
      Town Hall, Cnr Swanston and Little Collins Street, Melbourne. We are there from 9.00 a.m. each day until 5.00 p.m.
      We have a very active facebook group : just search for 5000 Poppies and ask to join.
      Let me know which day you are likely to come in. Look forward to seeing you.

  4. Bron says:

    What happened to the man who was getting involved in setting it all up earlier – someone who had won awards for garden displays?

  5. I am so sorry, Buderim Qld. is a little too way for me at mom
    ent, but I have requested some relatives to contact you. Hopefully they can help. All the best, GREAT PROJECT. M.H.

  6. 5000poppies says:

    Hi Bron, Phillip Johnson is still involved, but working on the designs for the display!!! Wonderful man. Very clever and creative.

  7. Nolsie says:

    Hi Lynn, Mark Nolan here at http://Nolsie.com. I have nominated you for a WordPress Very Inspiring Blog Award. You may remember me from way back during your Entreg days when I worked with Ron Deane at Farley’s. I saw your article in the progress press the other day and very much admire you are doing! Regards Mark Nolan

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Mark,
      Yes I remember you … and I remember those days. Wow! such a long long time ago now.
      Who knew where we would end up????
      Thank you so much for you kind words.
      Take care.

  8. Marilyn Lewis says:

    We can help wed 18/3/14 Marilyn Lewis and Lyn Colwell

  9. Katherine says:

    I have just seen you, Margaret and Lynn, on ABC 4. Looking so beautiful (the panels, and you two as well!). So moved to have been part of this.

  10. Antra Hood says:

    Hi Lynn, I saw the article on ABC News 24 this morning – are you still taking poppies early next week? I bought wool today but am only a beginner crocheter and will need the weekend to work it out … Thanks Antra

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Antra,

      We now have enough poppies for our project … well and truly, and have wound down our collections now.

      If you are still making poppies … that’s not a bad thing. What I would REALLY love to see now is for those people who still want to make a difference with their poppies … is MASSIVE YARN BOMBS (be brave) in your area. Cover inanimate objects in and around your suburb on ANZAC Day … your town hall, your local RSL, your local Cenotaphs, your local cafe, school, retirement villages … cover them all. Do it with our love, our respect and let them know that we remember their service and their sacrifice.

      This fantastic project has started a massive community movement and we are proud of your commitment and your involvement.

      Marg and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  11. Lynda Reid says:

    Don’t always read the blogs but I do follow on facebook. I was pleased to see you are thinking about evening sessions. I would like to put forward my name. I could catch the train in after work.

    • 5000poppies says:

      Hi Lynda
      We have had a couple of evening sessions and find that most people would prefer to work during the day.
      So not sure we will do any more but we will keep you informed.

  12. hello Ian and I are travelling to Melbourne from Adelaide this weekend and can volunteer on Monday 20th March for the afternoon. Can you please notify of place to meet?

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