Countdown to Chelsea

The days seem to be rushing by in a flurry of Chelsea related activity. The minutiae involved in pulling this all together is astonishing … for the most part it’s Vaughn, Phillip Johnson’s project manager who is juggling all the balls.  So with just on a month to go until we head off and 38 days I believe until the show opens … there is constant movement.Phillip Johnson LogoThis week we had a wonderful turnout for the farewell from the Victorian Parliament for the poppies.  In stunning sunshine … we sat for the cameras on the steps of Parliament House.  It was fun for us … who have worked with the poppies for so long now, to be able to enjoy our day in the sun … and to see the poppies weaving their magic on our politicians and the general public.  There were tears shed … it is a very moving tribute … and the Parliament House backdrop was amazing.  And it was a huge bonus that there was a reception at Parliament for our Vietnam Veterans on that day so we had an opportunity to talk to them about the project … although most of them knew about the project … to see them close up was wonderful.


Our photographer Clare Takac’s images are spectacular and I can now tick another dream off my poppies list.  Shrine of Remembrance 2013 … TICK, Anzac Day 2015 Fed Square and Princes Bridge …. TICK and TICK, Melbourne International Flower Show … TICK, Parliament House steps … TICK.  RHS Chelsea Flower Show …. COMING SOON.

And then there is the ongoing dream … Western Front …. WATCH THIS SPACE,  Anzac Day match, MCG Melbourne 2018 … STILL A DREAM and Australian War Memorial Remembrance Day 2018 … STILL A DREAM.  Lots of planning and scheming yet to be done post Chelsea.  Of course in between those times we have  loaned our beautiful poppies to a number of organisations to support their own local commemorative efforts, and will continue to do so where we can.  That’s all part of the dream too!!!_F5A0038_F5A9911

_F5A9997So … back to reality … and it looks like our wonderful Qantas sponsors will be begin  shipping part of our precious cargo in the next week.  Untitled-1The wait is nearly over!!!!


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3 Responses to Countdown to Chelsea

  1. Diane Collyer says:

    Every post on this 5000poppy site brings a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat. My granddaughter is only 8 but I still hope I can share this journey with my great grandchildren. In hope, Diane XX

  2. Jenny Davies says:

    What an absolutely amazing achievement. A simple idea has gone onto the world stage! Congratulations to everyone involved with this important project. You have never lost sight of the original tribute.

  3. Katherine says:

    I am not able to see the photos in this post. I’ve tried phone, tablet, computer and several browsers.

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