Top 50 Influencer Awards

Good morning poppy friends. We have been invited to participate in this year’s Top 50 Influencer Awards (which is all about how we use social media to connect with our audience). We are entered in the main awards but also in the Social Media Queen category .. but we need your vote to win … so I am asking as many of you as possible to vote for us … we’d love to win. There is a cash element to the prize which is always very handy for a limited (no) budget community enterprise. It’s not difficult to vote … and to get all your friends to vote as well. We are VERY late entering so behind the eight ball already … with only 9 days left to vote … so … Please vote for us … here is the link 


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2 Responses to Top 50 Influencer Awards

  1. Pammy Frangipani says:

    Done…..congratulations…wordsvescape me as to the success of 5000 Poppies, don’t think you guys will ever get any rest, Australia will want you around for years to come…

  2. Olivia Pascoe says:

    Is there a central place in Perth WA to where we can send the poppies.


    Olivia Pascoe


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