One year on from Chelsea …

This week marks the first anniversary of our sojourn to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show … and our appointment with Queen Elizabeth II … One year ago to the day we walked onto this amazing site to start work on what was to be a spectacular installation.  We were both elated and exhausted after a full on year of rehabilitating the nets following the torrential rain in Melbourne on Anzac Day 2015 … a herculean effort by anyone’s standards.  Plus there was the making of an additional 20,000 poppies on stems by an incredibly dedicated team of stem specialists all over Australia and in the UK.

It feels like a year … and it feels like it was yesterday.

And I still marvel at how this lovely little community project projected itself into the lives of so many wonderful people … who took up the gauntlet and made it their own.

5000 Poppies had become a project with two sides to the story essentially bound by its original purpose.  To honour our servicemen and women, their families and their communities … AND the galvanising of community working with incredible heart and commitment towards a common purpose.

It’s astounding on so many levels.

So .. a lot has happened since Chelsea … and we are now (still) working towards 2018 … creating an additional 50,000 lapel poppies for the RSL … AND creating another amazing installation with Phillip and his team … this time for the Australian War Memorial to commemorate the Centenary of the end of the Great War.

What a beautiful evolving  and meaningful work of art we have all created … full of love and honour and respect and remembrance.


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2 Responses to One year on from Chelsea …

  1. It was a tremendous experience on so many levels, and utterly wonderful!

  2. Noelein Armstrong says:

    Wonderful work it was a pleasure to be involved with the knitting of the poppies and what you have done with them
    Is there a special pattern for the poppies needed for the RSL

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