A Little Word on Which Poppy Pattern to Use …

Good afternoon team poppy … what an amazing few weeks we have had.

We are now up to just over 12,000 members on the facebook group … so our little group has grown into a mammoth group with all the management issues that inevitably spring from such rapid growth.

By now many of you will be ploughing into the poppy making process and having a ball … and even though some of you will be struggling with picking up and needles/hooks again after years or starting from scratch … everyone is committed because this is a wonderful wonderful thing we are doing.

It’s got heart and soul, its cathartic, it’s collegiate and it sends such an incredibly powerful message of love, honour and respect to our servicemen and women past and present, and their families and communities for their contribution to the lives we safely lead in our wonderful country.

We have NO other agenda.

We are all volunteers and colleagues working to a common goal – Remembrance Day 2018.


And we have committed to a lot but it’s a labour of love.

So this is sounding like a James A. Michener novel.

Today, on the facebook page I asked people to NOT make anymore of the Spotlight poppies for the AWM installation.  I know that has sent a few of you into a tail spin because from what I can see from the mail this week there are many being made.

We have tried not to be prescriptive with our poppy patterns in the past because we don’t want this to be a flat, generic installation … we want colour and movement … we want it to draw your eye.

However, there is a problem with this poppy pattern, and that is that it is a combination of large and flat with a big hole in the centre.  The hole itself presents us with a problem as to how to attach to our stem because the stem simply pokes through the hole.  But in testing, the poppy does not really stand up to the elements … it droops … and because of its size it droops a lot.

This is one of the reasons we ask people to use a smaller hook or needles than normal … to limit the droopiness. But with this poppy … the droopiness is inevitable.

So … in saying all this … I don’t want you to feel like we don’t want your poppies … but our first big delivery this week has seen a lot of the Spotlight poppies arriving, I expect because it’s a simple pattern … and it was posted on the facebook group today as a quick and easy pattern.  But  … it has created a bit of a problem for us because we have been closing up the hole or putting a button on them and running a thread around the centre to draw it up a bit so that it doesn’t droop quite so much … hours and hours of time.  And in truth, we really don’t have the resources to do this.  It’s counter productive for us and doesn’t allow us to focus on the wider task.

Please please please don’t allow this to upset your applecart … we are NOT being exclusive, we are just telling it like it is

A poppy in its natural environment has some shape, a wave, a cupping and we have many many patterns that emulate that “movement” in some way.

Yes we know they are not botanically correct.  They are knitted and crocheted.  It’s the movement we are trying to achieve.

Ok … now that is out there.

There are many many patterns on the blog 5000poppies.wordpress.com/poppy-patterns that achieve this LOOK to varying degrees and there are also many new patterns and variations of existing patterns being shared on Ravelry and on the facebook page that also emulate this movement.  And we also ask you to be creative with your centres … after all, you are limited in your colour range for the poppies so we ask you to have free range with your centres which many of you have chosen to do … and it’s a delight … beautiful buttons, cute knitted and crocheted fripperies … embroidery, lace, eyelash yarn beads … even freshwater pearls (I am assuming from an old piece of unused jewellery).  Its a riot out there and we love it. And it will add so much visual effect and character to the display …

I have posted some photos below of different poppies and different centres … many of these poppies don’t have patterns associated with them … they just turn up on our doorstep and they work on many levels.

I am not asking you to scrap your poppies … please send them to us … but please help us by limiting the amount of rework we need to do.  And if you don’t mind from now on, if you have been using the Spotlight pattern or any other flat pattern … please take this post into consideration for your next poppy.

With love.






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One Response to A Little Word on Which Poppy Pattern to Use …

  1. Marie Williams says:

    I am knitting poppies also

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