At times it felt like we would never make it …

And then all of a sudden we are here.

Day one of planting has been amazing and quite surreal.

When you have worked towards something for such a long time, and then it is upon you … you feel strange … really weird … it’s like an out of body experience.

The reality hasn’t hit yet … but yesterday nearly 16,000 of 62,000 poppies were put into the ground, … calculations were checked and rechecked and found to be perfect … that’s down to our Phillip (Phillip Johnson Landscapes) and Vaughn.

Our volunteers are absolutely committed to the cause, and were incredibly grateful to be part of this wondrous event … I wonder if they still feel the same way this morning … the day after day one.  There will be many sore, stiff and aching bodies … the ground is like granite in some places.

Day 2 is about to begin … limber up those joints at exercises this morning people … another three hour shift ahead of you.  Take it easy … it’s not a race … we have plenty of time to get it done and plenty of volunteers itching to be here with us.

P.S.  Sunscreen mandatory … it’s hot out there even when it’s not … that sun is ferocious and …

P.P.S.  highly recommending a visit to our resident Masseur and Exercise Physiologist  Frank who has also volunteered his time to be with us … and who does wonderful work with sore hands, sore feet, sore backs, sore legs ….

P.P.P.S.  And not forgetting the fantastic breakfast rolls and coffee from our resident barista Jon Ling.  Most of us would not have survived the day without him.



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