Not Forgotten …

We are moving forward … at a pace it feels … towards our last wave of tributes this week for Remembrance Day and the Centenary of Armistice next Sunday.  It’s been amazing and very gratifying to be able to take the opportunity this morning to take our beautiful contemplative walk at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance in the early morning light with very few people around.  the Ode is an incredibly powerful and evocative excerpt from the Poem “For the Fallen” by Laurence Binyon.  the first line … “They shall grow not old” always transports me to those places in my heart where my gratitude for all those brave souls lives.  How can it not.

Everything we have done over the last five years plus is a reminder to me, and to any who look upon these stunning tributes created with loving hands, that we won’t forget

There is a thread that runs from line to line linking the words … it is reminiscent of the threads of connection … familial or otherwise … to those who have served … and those who are no longer with us but left us with such an amazing legacy of courage, and bravery, and mateship.

A small tribute from our original panels (2015) has been installed at Point Cook and looks amazing as a backdrop to their Cenotaph and commemorative activities which took place last night.

Photos by Kay Dickenson

Tomorrow we begin our final installation at Australian Parliament House on the forecourt.  Praying for the weather to hold while we put this in place.

We also have a small installation to put in at Ainslie Place in Canberra.

And then that is it.

We sincerely hope that the wider community carries on with our legacy … it’s such a wonderful way to build community, share stories and honour the memory of those who have served or are serving, their families and their communities.

Plus knitting and crocheting poppies is kinda fun!






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2 Responses to Not Forgotten …

  1. Marlene Hogan says:

    We done Ladies, A wonderful contribution and Tribute to all our people in uniform. Thank you from another supporter. Marlene H. Queensland.

  2. Cynthia Deane says:

    Congratulations what a wonderful job you all did.


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