What is the current tally?

8 November, 2014 : 51,861 … inching our way to 102,784

Do you need more poppies?


Who started the project?

The authors of the project are Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight, two Melbourne based fibre artists. The project was started in honour of both of their fathers who both fought in WWII.  Read more here

What is the background to the project?

The best place to find out this information is on the blog https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/about/

How many poppies are you planning to make?

Initially we were hoping for 5000 (we had our first 5000 within a few months). We have had such an overwhelming response from crafters all over Australia that we are now hoping to have in excess of 100,000 … a nominal number could be 102,784 … one poppy for every Australian serviceman or woman who has died in service. However, it should be remembered that this project is to honour ALL servicemen and women and those affected by war.

Where will the poppies be displayed?

Initially the poppies will be on display on Anzac Day next year in Federation Square Melbourne.

What will happen with the poppies after Anzac Day next year?

They will be sent to Western Australia for Remembrance Day 2015 and then hope to tour through other capital cities and regional cities for the duration of the Centenary (until 2018). We are hoping to land them at the Australian War Memorial for Remembrance Day 2018.

What should my poppies look like and where can I find patterns?

Your poppies can be any shade of RED. They can be made of any fabric/fibre as long as it is red. In general size should be a maximum of 15cm, but we won’t reject them if they are bigger. You can decorate/embellish as you please … use the internet for reference. The key to the look is variation. So the more variation the better the outcome. There are a number of patterns on the blog https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/poppy-patterns/ for knit, crochet, commercial felt and fabric … there are MANY more free patterns on the internet. Or you can make up your own pattern. Once again, the key is variation.

Where can I upload my own pattern? 

Feel free to share your own patterns or any free patterns you find with the facebook group or you can send it to us at 5000poppies@gmail.com

Are my poppies ok?


Should I leave tails on my poppies?

If you could please sew in your ends and cut off all tails. We will be attaching poppies with a tagging gun.

Can I start a local project of my own?

Many groups are doing local displays of their poppies which we in encourage and endorse, before sending their poppies to us to join the nationwide project.

In general we want you to contribute to the nationwide project … but we understand that people love the idea and may want to do something locally. Small local projects are acceptable but we request that you to send a portion of your poppies to us to add to the nationwide project as well.

If you wish to make some poppies for local use you should email us at 5000poppies@gmail.com for permission to use the idea and the patterns.

You may not copy the idea or start a similar project on a large scale, or use the patterns without permission from the authors. We ask that you respect our copyright in this regard.

Where can I find poppy making groups in my local area?

The best place to connect with someone in your local area would be via the facebook group (5000 Poppies) although some of the collection points listed on the blog https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/collection-points/ also run workshops. Not all workshops/events are listed on the blog or on the facebook group. You can also start your own local group.

Where can I send my poppies?

The postal address for poppies is P.O. Box 115, Ashburton 3147 but you may find a collection point in your local area https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/collection-points/ or you could start your own collection point through the local library if they are willing.

Can I act as a collection point or run workshops?

The only criteria for being a collection point is that you must agree to send your poppies to Melbourne to add to the nationwide project by end Feb 2015 latest. You can also run local workshops. We have a kit to help you get started.

Do you need help with the installation

We will need help with the installation and will let you know when the time comes.

Help! I can’t knit or crochet

There are a number of patterns on the blog https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/poppy-patterns/ for commercial felt or fabric poppies, and there are many more on the internet. If you wish to learn to knit or crochet poppies you can join a group or talk to your local yarn/craft shop (they may run classes). Youtube is a wonderful source of information on knitting and crochet also.

I would like to run this project in my school

There is a teaching kit including patterns for very easy commercial felt poppies on the blog for teachers who wish to run the project for their schools this https://5000poppies.wordpress.com/teachers/

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