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9 Responses to ings-ribbed-crochet-poppy

  1. Cynthia Deane says:

    I dont understand this pattern – how do I Fptr into next stitch, 1Tr into top of same Tr.? I end up with lots of holes.
    Is there a tutorial of this?

  2. Cynthia Deane says:

    Thanks for the link – I found it a little too fast for me to follow. It was hard seeing the stitches, particularly the black ones in the beginning
    maybe I’d better stick to the ones I can do, but I like to try new designs.

    Actually I have about twenty already do you want them sent now or later on – I have various friends making them as well.


  3. Barb says:

    Where do I get the pattern?

  4. mary thomas says:

    could you please tell me where to send my crochet poppies .and when .mary

  5. Debbie says:

    Can u please email me some patterns please

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Debbie
      Welcome aboard.
      Patterns are on the blog … there are many of them and all beautiful.
      Click this link or cut and paste into your web browser and it will take you to the page.
      You can also join us on facebook 5000 Poppies if you are connected through facebook. We have an active group that shares new patterns and pics all the time.
      Enjoy making.

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