Still … counting down to the big day ….

As you probably already know, we will be finishing up poppy assembly at the Town Hall Melbourne tomorrow (Thursday) which is disappointing because it has been such a wonderful venue for us.  Lots of space … lots of tourists and visitors … and SO much interest in what we are doing.

However, the good news is that we have now secured space at Morris and Sons in Collins Place – Level 1/234 Collins Street, Melbourne … just around the corner from the Town Hall. It’s not as big a space as the Town Hall so we will be pared down a bit … but they are excited about having us there and we are excited about being there. So NO POPPY ASSEMBLY ON FRIDAY….and I. SIMPLY. MUST. CATCH. UP. ON. ADMIN and my washing (but you don’t really need to know that).

We will resume at 10.00 a.m. this SATURDAY for the day. and then Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. until we have completed our assembly. Would absolutely LOVE to see you there.

Can you please let me know what days you are planning to come by email (if you haven’t already)


Because we don’t have quite as much space at Morris and Sons as we have been lucky enough to have at the Town Hall, we need to keep a lid on the numbers.

A big thank you for your ongoing interest and support.  We havenow almost completed  Panel no. 49 of 80 which is simply an amazing achievement … only 31 to go … easy peasy.

Woohoo …. this is going to be big!!!!!

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The Final Countdown

Good afternoon all.

We are having an amazing time assembling the display for our massive field of poppies for ANZAC Day, and it will be a MASSIVE field. We are assembling around 800 square metres of gorgeous handmade (with love) poppies from all over the world … but mostly home grown in Australia.

Today there are close to 40 people in our workroom at the Town Hall having a wonderful time creating something very special.  Just to share with you the diversity of where we come from …. Bendigo, Ringwood Nth, Glen Iris, Essendon, Hawthorn, California Gully, Mooroolbark, Mitiamo, Fawkner, Fiji, Abbotsford, Cheltenham, Surrey Hills, Parkdale, Sunbury, Croydon, Dundee NT, Mont Albert, Bayswater, Kilsyth, Point Cook, Blackburn South, CBD, Rosanna, Fitzroy, Aspendale, Oakleigh just to name a few.


So … here is the thing.

We now have enough poppies for our project … well and truly.

We are winding down our collections now.  We have amassed an amazing 225,762 poppies from contributors all over the world and there will still be a few more late ones coming in.  So thank you we are done.

But it doesn’t have to end there …

If you are still making poppies or if you have just started … that’s not a bad thing.  What I would REALLY love to see now is for those people who still want to make a difference with their poppies … is MASSIVE YARN BOMBS (be brave) in your area.  Cover inanimate objects in and around your suburb on ANZAC Day … your town hall, your local RSL, your local Cenotaphs, your local cafe, school, retirement villages … cover them all.  Do it with our love, our respect and let them know that we remember their service and their sacrifice.

This fantastic project has started a massive community movement and we are proud of your commitment and your involvement.

Marg and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lynn xxxxx

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Poppies are Pouring In

So … it’s been less than a week and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.

We have had wonderful press over the last few weeks with Channel 7, Channel 9 TV, a couple of radio interviews … and this morning Marg and I appeared on ABC Breakfast News …. to chat about the project … and it’s growth, it’s very personal meaning to Marg and I, and also to the wider community.

We are now in full swing preparing poppies for the installation … that is taking ALL of our time and energy … we are constructing 80 x 10×1 metre panels of poppies … a whopping 800 square metres.  It’s looking fantastic … thanks to all of your unique poppy contributions … every single poppy has a place and, as we construct the panels, we get to marvel again at the skills, creativity and generosity of our contributors.  You are simply amazing and we cannot thank you enough.

10633891_785507404852318_7377191597940584697_oWe have been lucky enough to be working out of the Melbourne Town Hall in the centre of the City of Melbourne … and we are so thrilled that there has been so much public interest in our work … many hundreds … even thousands of visitors have been drawn in to look at what we are doing … not surprisingly!

So … we are at the Town Hall again tomorrow (Wednesday) … and then Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Federation Square to continue our poppy panel assembly, then back at the Town Hall again for four days next week. Keep your eye on the facebook group page and on the blog for further updates.

We still don’t have a permanent home for assembly which is hampering our activities somewhat but we are making incredible progress with what we have managed to secure to date.

Many of our supporters have been incredibly generous … donating funds to help with the costs of installation.  We want you to know what a difference that has made to the ultimate quality of the display.  No one will be disappointed in the final display(s).

So … we look forward to your continued support … and would love you to join us over the next week or so to help assemble the panels and look forward to meeting many of you.



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Hi There,

I have been very slack in posting how we are going here in NZ. It has been very busy with ANZAC Day approaching fast.
At this stage we are at over 26,000 poppies now and still counting and will be receiving poppies till April 1st 2015. The effort here in NZ has been overwhelming somedays. So many crafters have got behind this fabulous project and made poppies and offered their time to stitch panels. I am incredibly proud and humbled by what we have done.
So on Anzac Day 2015, 11 and half panels will be displayed at the Airforce Museum in Christchurch, three will be at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre and six and half will be displayed at the Navy Museum in Devonport, Auckland.
Then later in the year they will be on display in other places so more New Zealanders can see our tribute.



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We Need You

It’s been quite a week for us this week … we have started assembling the panels for our rather large displays this week …. and we have a very long way to go.  Many thousands of poppies to attach to 800 square metres of netting.  It’s a huge undertaking and one that will take many many (perhaps thousands) of manhours to achieve. Poppies are still pouring in and we expect that we will have somewhere up around the 200,000 mark … so we are desperately calling for volunteers to help us.  We are currently working 9.00 – 5.00 Monday to Friday in the Melbourne Town Hall … and will organise some evening and weekends as well to cater for those who would like to help but can’t make it during office hours.

In the first instance if you could email us at to register your interest.  We still have many vacancies for all days next week and we are looking for up to 20 volunteers a day.  Please help if you can spare a day and bring along your best friend as well … it’s fun, communal and the outcome will be worth every second you spend helping us.  We are trying to find a way to put together an online roster so you can just fill in your name … anybody with skills to do this out there?

We must thank the Melbourne City Council for access to the room … if only until 19 March … it is beautiful … light and airy and right in the heart of the City … could not be located any better really.

You may have noticed that we have also been incredibly busy in the media this week … a really LOVELY article in Leader Newspapers all over Melbourne, and yesterday a spot on the Today Show with Lisa and Karl (we are on first name terms now) for Marg and I.  The result is a new wave of interest in the project and many people offering to volunteer.  If you have offered to volunteer … we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Our silent auction for Margo Vigorito’s beautiful painting Serendipity is gathering momentum … you are welcome to email your bid to us at … so that’s also very exciting (see our earlier post for an image of the painting).

In the meantime … we continue to assemble our poppy panels at the Melbourne Town Hall … hope to see you there for a day or two.

Bunny The girls

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Assembling the Beast

Good morning poppy friends …. we have now moved into our wonderful (albeit temporary) space at the Melbourne Town Hall … lots of room to move … very central CBD within a couple of minutes walking distance from Flinders Street Station.

11006380_868298729880115_7671913092665551534_nMy wonderful big brother Chris Beasley has constructed some rather spectacular worktables for us to spread out … and we were helped in the move by Chris, my good friend Mark Newham and Ray McKenzie … all those boxes and that lifting … we had a 15 minute window to unload a 4 tonne truck … I won’t say it was packed to the rafters but it was pretty full.  We have never moved so fast in our lives ….

The address is Melbourne Town Hall, Cnr Little Collins Street and Swanston Street Melbourne.  Ask at the concierge desk for the 5000 Poppies group.  So work will begin in earnest at 9.00 a.m. this morning.  We will set up a roster system asap so you can book some time with us if you like.  Its fun, communal … such a wonderful thing to see it come together … and we are keen to get as many people as we can over the coming weeks to help lighten the considerable load … we are now on the downhill run to Anzac Day.  Could not be more excited!!!!!

If you would like to join us for a day or two (or more) we would love to have you.  We have enough tools for up to 20 volunteers each day … Monday to Friday and occasional weekends.  Please email me your name and phone number if you would like to join us.  We will be in touch when we get a break in the assembly.

See you at the Town Hall.  We are ready!

Lynn and Marg

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It’s all happening in Poppyland ….

Good morning poppy friends …. there has been much happening at Poppy HQ this week.

Firstly … our official total stands at 120,803 … but … we have had at least another 7,000 plus delivered this week so now pushing 130,000.  That is incredible … who knew?

Our volunteer group has been working overtime, and work has been completed on 5,000 gorgeous stemmed poppies … plus … our nets have finally arrived …. at least some of them …  so we have been able to start work on the the first of the 80 x 10m panels we are making for the display.  #1 is coming together nicely … and it’s been a bit of a test for our attaching mechanisms … pleased to say that it is all working well!!!  We have been offered temporary space at the Melbourne Town Hall for a few weeks to work on the panels, and will let you all know when we are up and running so that you can come and join us for an hour or two or more.

My lovely brother Chris Beasley has constructed four fabulously huge purpose built tables to make the whole process easier, with timber donated by #1 Son’s employer Bowen’s Timber and Hardware 717 Warrigal Road Oakleigh South Ph. 9579 1188

BowensAnd in some other wonderful news … we have been donated THE most beautiful painting by the very fabulous Margo Vigorito  … It’s called Serendipity …. A stunning original mixed media piece … I want it … Size 100 x 143cm.

Serendipity by Margo VigoritoAs part of our fundraising for 5000 Poppies we are offering this amazing artwork for silent auction … Bidding is open from now until 12 April. You can make a bid by email to  Please note … a reserve applies.  Shipping costs are additional and will be advised to the winning bidder.  This auction is open to Australian residents only as we have no way of shipping internationally. 

Not long to go now … I don’t like to look at the clock but the hour is looming and we are in full production mode, as many thousands of poppies of all shapes and sizes and media are delivered each week … So keep your eye on the blog and the facebook group for more exciting developments.


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