We are now making poppies for our Chelsea Flower Show sojourn next May … 20,000 stems are needed for our display.  It will be amazing.

If you are making specifically for Chelsea, please use either the Chelsea even easier Garter Stitch pattern or one of the three Lynn’s original designs from the original brochure. Or if you have a nice tight knit pattern of your own … I am happy for you to make these as well.  The key to this working is that we want a quite tight knit finish to ensure that the poppies don’t flatten out or flop in the rain (and it will rain in Chelsea I have no doubt).  Happy for you to use any centres … the more different centres the better …  so be as creative as you like.  The final size of the poppy should be around  8-9 cm finished … completely flat poppies are not suitable. Texture and variations in red will help to make it a spectacular display.

Refer to our facebook group for those involved in making and assembling poppies for Chelsea if you would like to get involved in a group.  Susan McDougall is coordinating the Poppy Stem drive for us … Many hands make very light work.

Chelsea Patterns Oct 2015

I have left the remaining patterns for people who are still making poppies for themselves.


Older Poppy Knit and Crochet Patterns

Crochet tutorial 3 from BobWilson123 for Asta Lott’s crochet poppy

Crochet tutorial from BobWilson123 for Lynn’s easy knit crochet pattern

Lynn and Lorraine’s easy knit and crochet patterns : 2 x knit and 2 x crochet September 2014

Katherine’s poppy pattern

Alicias Poppy Pattern

Fiona’s Budding Poppy Knitted Pattern

Maggies Crochet Cactus Flower

Ledy’s Updated Crochet Patterns

Lorraine’s Even Easier Crochet Poppy Pattern

Jens Very Simple Crochet Poppy Pattern

Crochet Poppy 3 Petal Version Asta Lott NZ

Knitted 5000 Poppies Pattern

Faye’s Knitted 5000 Poppies Pattern

5000 Poppies ribbed pattern

Jan Quigley’s crochet pattern for Jim

The Crochet Crowd Remembrance Poppy

Crochet Button Poppy Flower by Tricia Reeves


Fabric and Commercial Felt Poppy Patterns

Felt Flower

Felt Circle


The Vintage Stand Commercial Felt Poppy

 Machine Embroidery Patterns

A Stitch and a Half Anemone Pattern (Poppy)

There are also many lovely knitted and crocheted poppy patterns all over the web … just google search free poppy pattern and see what comes up.    Here are a few that have been sent to us


Or if you are adventurous … you can make up your own. If you are a stitcher or felter and would like to share your stitched ideas/patterns and don’t mind them being copied for the purposes of this project, we would love to see them.

For felted and fabric poppies there are many great tutorials on you tube.  For a wet felted poppy … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoXeCsB_NWM … you can use a very small amount of dishwashing detergent in the bottle instead of Filz Fix and for a cute little dry felted poppy http://www.handmadespark.com/blog/felt-poppy-flower-tutorial-guest-post-from-carolyn-of-the-wishing-elephant/ … which I think you could also modify for use with other fabrics.  Just google search “fabric or felted poppy tutorial” there will be a whole host of sites for you to search through for one that suits you.

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