Poppies Patterns Update September 2017

Ing’s poppy pattern is also below … it’s cute, quick and


button-poppy-flower by Tricia Reeves

POPPY PATTERN 2X1 RIB Wildwood Designs & Creations



Our second major project is our final and truly stunning installation at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra for Remembrance Day 2018.

We will be planting more than 61,000 stemmed poppies in honour of our WWI Fallen for the Centenary of the end of WWI.We currently have somewhere around 17,000 -18,000 stems made … and are currently creating poppies and stems for the remainder.

There are many patterns below suitable for poppies for the stems.  Feel free to pick and choose … mix it up and really have fun with your centres.  Stem poppies should be quite tight so they can stand up to the rigors of rain and wind.

Poppies for the AWM can be dropped at the AWM or sent to 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton Vic. 3147

Poppies Patterns Update September 2017

Video link to how we make the stems


Crochet tutorial 3 from BobWilson123 for Asta Lott’s crochet poppy

button-poppy-flower by Tricia Reeves

POPPY PATTERN 2X1 RIB Wildwood Designs & Creations


Crochet tutorial from BobWilson123 for Lynn’s easy knit crochet pattern

Lynn and Lorraine’s easy knit and crochet patterns : 2 x knit and 2 x crochet September 2014

Katherine’s poppy pattern

Alicias Poppy Pattern

Fiona’s Budding Poppy Knitted Pattern

Maggies Crochet Cactus Flower

Ledy’s Updated Crochet Patterns

Lorraine’s Even Easier Crochet Poppy Pattern

Jens Very Simple Crochet Poppy Pattern

Crochet Poppy 3 Petal Version Asta Lott NZ

Knitted 5000 Poppies Pattern

Faye’s Knitted 5000 Poppies Pattern

5000 Poppies ribbed pattern

Jan Quigley’s crochet pattern for Jim

The Crochet Crowd Remembrance Poppy

Crochet Button Poppy Flower by Tricia Reeves

Fabric and Commercial Felt Poppy Patterns

These should not be used for AWM and RSL poppies

Felt Flower

Felt Circle


The Vintage Stand Commercial Felt Poppy

 Machine Embroidery Patterns

These should not be used for AWM and RSL poppies

A Stitch and a Half Anemone Pattern (Poppy)

There are also many lovely knitted and crocheted poppy patterns all over the web … just google search free poppy pattern and see what comes up.    Here are a few that have been sent to us

Or if you are adventurous … you can make up your own. If you are a stitcher or felter and would like to share your stitched ideas/patterns and don’t mind them being copied for the purposes of this project, we would love to see them.

For felted and fabric poppies there are many great tutorials on you tube.  For a wet felted poppy … … you can use a very small amount of dishwashing detergent in the bottle instead of Filz Fix and for a cute little dry felted poppy … which I think you could also modify for use with other fabrics.  Just google search “fabric or felted poppy tutorial” there will be a whole host of sites for you to search through for one that suits you.

134 Responses to PATTERNS

  1. Sandra paul says:

    looking forward to sending some in …lovely idea


    Absolutely inspiring project!
    Detailed instructions most appreciated.

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      Everything you need to know is on the blog
      Patterns, delivery instructions, details about the project … all at your fingertips.
      Kind regards,
      Lynn Berry

  3. Christine says:

    When do these need to be delivered by?

  4. Marie Williams says:

    I will be knitting poppies for 2018 celebrations

  5. Kerry says:

    Hi , I’m the convener of a local Knitting guild and am going to rally the troops , so to speak to make a few poppies , is there a pattern for stems as i’m sure week could knit and send a few of those as well .

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Kerry,
      We are managing the stems through our extended network in Melbourne and all is well under control at this point.
      We will be attaching poppies to stems in earnest in early to mid 2018 … then we might need additional help.
      Where are you located?

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is a wonderful project. Easy to participate in and a very affordable way to commerate our fallen soldiers.

  7. Yeesan says:

    Hi there, will the AWM poppies collection take the war animal purples poppiea?
    The war dogs, horses and pigeons should deserved to be honoured.

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Yeesan,
      Thanks for your comment.
      As this project is solely about the loss of human life in WWI, our collection is for Red Poppies only at this time.
      There are quite a few other commemorations that focus on the animals … you may be able to find those through Google.
      Kind regards,
      Lynn Berry

  8. Jackie of Windsor says:

    Thank you each and everyone of you for all your creative ways to knit/crochet poppies – I’ll be using a couple of the designs for the poppies I’ll be knitting to contribute to the 60,000 needed for the Australian War Memorial to celebrate the centenary of the end of WWI comng up in November 2018. I think with all the knitters, crocheters and felters out there we will surely go beyond the 60,00!

  9. Liz Mundell says:

    I have started my first Poppy – but do you need me to do stems as well and if so how would you like these? I am happy to be put on a list for helping to attach poppies when the time comes. I am in Melbourne eastern suburbs.

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Liz,
      Thank you so much.
      Enjoy making … at this point we are managing the stem making at Poppy Headquarters but will be busily attaching poppies early in the new year. Keep your eye on the blog for updates.
      In the meantime the address to send your poppies to is 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton Vic 3145 or they can be delivered to the East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern Vic 3145
      It’s all very exciting.
      Kind regards,
      Lynn Berry

  10. Lisa Hayes says:

    Hi, I’m about to make some handmade felt poppies and wondered if there is a particular size I should aim for, or if there is a minimum/maximum size? Also, just to confirm, it’s just the poppy flower I should make, and you will be attaching stems? How will they be attached – do I need to finish off the back in any particular way?
    Thanks, Lisa.

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for your email.
      We have been asking for knitted and crocheted poppies because these are relatively easy to attach to our stems, and they will weather 5 weeks in the elements at the AWM through spring … its quite a challenge for them.
      S, that being said, we are happy to accept felt poppies as long as they are robust (so quite a thick felt) size somewhere around 6-8cm with a slight texture as in a cupping or wavy like a real poppy. Glue should NOT be used on your felt poppies.
      Stems are made at PHQ and the plan is to attach the poppies next year.
      The address to send your poppies to is 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton Vic 3145 or they can be delivered to the East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern Vic 3145
      Thanks again.
      Kind regards,


  11. Pauline says:

    How do we make the stem ?????

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Pauline,
      We don’t ask for you to make the stems. We are managing that part of the process at PHQ … it’s not the fun bit believe me.
      So we are collecting just the poppy flowers from our contributors and we will be attaching them early in the new year to the stems.
      The address to send your poppies to is 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton Vic 3145 or they can be delivered to the East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern Vic 3145
      Kind regards,
      Lynn Berry

    • joylene says:

      In 2014 at Port Pirie we added to some poppies for display. Using green wool we did Tomboy, French knitting. Done on a cotton reel with nails.[ Bring back memories ] I purchased a little machine from Spotlight, got it done much faster. We then threaded knitting needles into the tube and attached the stem to the poppy with the glue gun.
      Having asked the community for donations of wool for a yarn bombing project in 2013 I also received a huge amount of needles. The thicker ones became stems.
      Have fun with this project. We did in 2014. Our poppy wall is on display again in Port Pirie this year for remembrance day.

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  13. Josephine Brouff says:

    could you please let me know where the collection point is in Glenn Innes/ Armidale NSW area, my self and some friends have been knitting the poppies .

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Josephine,
      I just checked the collection point page on the blog and there is no collection point in that area. We only have one collection point nominated at this stage in St Ives, NSW. If you approach your local member of parliament or even your local RSL for assistance, you might find that they will help you with postage, or point you in the right direction. The address to send them to is 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton, Vic 3145 or street address, 5000 Poppies, East Malvern RSL, Stanley Grose Drive, East Malvern Vic 3145

  14. Michelle Gooding says:

    Hi, this is a great project and I’ve had fun trying a few of the patterns until I’m happy with my attempts. Can you tell me if you’ve sent a press release or “newsletter” style flyer to the west Australian community resource group? There are over 100 of these CRC’s based in rural areas of WA who could promote your project in their local communities, could download instructions for those who can’t access them otherwise, perhaps organise collection of finished poppies to post etc. I don’t mind putting something together on your behalf of you think this idea has merit. Cheers, Michelle

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      We have not done so, really Michelle this has been an incredibly organic project full of heart and soul. There are many Western Australians involved and we have been inundated with poppies. I expect that we will be well oversubscribed in the end. But we have plans for the overflow.
      Did you know that there is also a Western Australian project for November 2018 …. being run out of the WA RSL. That would be amazing.

  15. Benjamin Batchelor says:

    Beautiful project so proud to be knitting for Canberra!I dont think my poppies will suit RSL poppies!Could i please have the address to send my Canberra poppies to.I have made 230 and still knitting! When will i stop knitting and send them? Regards June Batchelor

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi June,
      All poppies for both projects should be sent to 5000 Poppies, P.O. Box 115, Ashburton Vic 3147.
      Enjoy making and thank you so much for your contribution.

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  17. Georgie Bull says:

    Hello. I can deliver my poppies to the War Memorial. Do I add stems, or do you when you do the installation? Thanks for tjis project. Regards, Georgie

    • 5000 Poppies says:

      Hi Georgie,
      Thank you for your contribution.
      We are happy for you to deliver to the War Memorial. You don’t need to add the stems, we are making and attaching in both Melbourne and Canberra. See you in 2018.
      Seasons greetings.

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