Everyone Has a Story …

I am really loving the stories that are coming out of the 5000 Poppies project.  Maureen Fleming sent along a massive haul of 50 poppies … fantastic contribution … and a dedication for her “Uncle Jack” … John George Enever, 37th Battalion *Victoria) … killed in action at Ypres, October 4, 1917.  She has transcribed a couple of letters which were sent to inform the family of his death and writes …… I have enclosed a couple of copies of the letters sent home to inform the family of Uncle Jack’s death in Action.  They have been kept for almost 100 years (still have the original handwritten letters).  Thank you for sharing your story Maureen … this is one of the things this project is for … for us to share our stories.


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One Response to Everyone Has a Story …

  1. Kate Latter says:

    Well done Maureen.Your Dad would be very proud of you especially as you dedicated these poppies to the memory of his Uncle Jack.

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