I am loving the stories coming out of this project … aren’t you?

This comment was posted on the blog from Wendy Fowler in Tasmania and I thought I would share it with you verbatim …

“It’s knitting day here in St Marys and our pile of poppies continues to grow. We are planning to display them in one of our local galleries before we send them on.
I had the most amazing visitors last week… the most wonderful couple (Bill and Polly Chugg) came to visit me to share Bill’s research… he has complied a list of every serviceman who enlisted from Tasmania in WW1 and I now have list of all those who enlisted from our Valley … 334 young men. It’s our plan to make a poppy for each and every one of them by ANZAC Day 2015 so here’s hoping.
This little project is really engaging our small rural district and it’s great to hear such wonderful stories… and to hear that several of the daughters/ nieces and grand daughters of those original soldiers are busy knitting too”

Thank you for sharing the story Wendy … we could not be more thrilled.

Sues anzac poppies

Lynn and Marg.

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2 Responses to I am loving the stories coming out of this project … aren’t you?

  1. Dianne Tucker says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch – it’s all amazing! I am on my way to completing 20 poppies and will request a submission form soon – printer no good. Not very good with emails etc either. My daughter has got me interested (her father saw active service in the 60s and great-grandfather did not come home from First World War). Best wishes – Dianne Tucker

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