The Day Has Arrived …

Hello all … it feels like forever and no time at all since we started this journey.

In fact it’s just over three years now when Marg and I sat down over a lovely glass of Pinot Noir and said to each other “what’s next”.  And just like magic … here we are!

chelsea 2016 artist impression_RT-SmallAnd it is magic don’t you think?  The way the whole thing has grown and grown … a little heart has gone a long long way. And this time next week … we will be showing of our poppies to the world.

So a huge thank you again to all of our contributors …. many and varied, our major sponsors the Victorian Government for your joyful support of our wonderful project.  We simply could not have done it without you.

VIC_LOGO_FAOur official carriers Qantas who have been absolutely amazing.

Qantas Logo

And our many supporters … including the Victorian RSL, Carpet Call, the wonderful team at Grit Communications.

Carpet Call logoPrintgrit_brandAnd of course, there is Phillip and his amazing team at Phillip Johnson Landscapes.  I cannot say enough about the amount of work they have done to get us to Chelsea … its a miracle of grit and determination … brilliant work … especially you Vaughn (I know you will read this).

Phillip Johnson Logo

Keep an eye on facebook for updates.  You can join the group at 5000 Poppies, or like our page at 5000 Poppies at RHS Chelsea and we are also on Instagram … @5000Poppies and #5000poppies.  There will be no shortage of photos I would think, given the team of wonderful volunteers who are coming over to help with the job of install and deinstall.  WOW … such commitment.  We are all very excited and I just know will have an enormous amount of fun … its the culmination of a lot of hard work.


And if you are feeling inspired.  You can continue to make poppies … but more on this when we return.

Next stop RHS Chelsea Flower Show.




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3 Responses to The Day Has Arrived …

  1. Rana Wilson says:

    Very excited, can’t wait for all the photos& feedback.Enjoy &be safe..

  2. Good luck! Know that every contibutor is with you and basking in your deserved glory. So excited for you all – you will shine.

  3. Katherine says:

    The first images (a sneak peak) have appeared in the British press over the weekend – if you can’t wait for Lynn’s photos.

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