The Challenge is ON!!!

I am told by a reliable source … not to mention any names … that it is approx 40 weeks until 1 April 2018.

That being established … and as we have collected approx 12,500 to date … we have approx 40 weeks to make a further 37,500 poppies for our RSL poppies … to make 50,000 beautiful made with love handcrafted poppies for the 2018 Poppy Appeal … to help raise money for Veterans welfare.

So while that looks and feels like a lot of work … in fact said source has broken it down further for me.

If we can get a team of 40 makers to commit to 23.5 poppies per week for 40 weeks (can we round that up?) … the job will be done.

Of course, the more poppies we get the better … because we are also collecting for our fantastic Centenary of WWI installation for Remembrance Day 2018 at the Australian War Memorial.

So … here is the rub.

We are asking you to join our committed group of poppy makers for this challenge … Phone a friend or friends or a facebook buddy, and do it between you … splitting the effort …  not forgetting that each “team” is committing a minimum of 23.5 poppies per week.  We have started up a separate facebook group so we can do a weekly update of how we are going … all you need to do is post when your weekly challenge has been met.  Each week we will report to the group at large how the tally is going.

Can we do it … yes we can … look what we did last time we tried to do something huge!!!

Sounds like a plan !

Join our facebook group … 5000 Poppies 2018 Poppy Appeal Challenge

Oh and the other thing is :  I have been collecting some really lovely prizes to give away including a stunning Beekeeper Poppy Weekender, in a one only draw on 1 April 2018.  Make sure you include all the names of your contributors when you deliver your poppies to us.

P.S. you don’t have to join the challenge to be in the draw. All of our contributors will be entered … right back to the start. It’s our way of thanking you all for a job well done.

For quick and easy lapel poppies … patterns posted in the patterns section above … but you can use ANY pattern you like.  Maximum size 9 cm.



About 5000 Poppies

The 5000 Poppies Project is a community tribute of respect and remembrance for our servicemen and women, their families and their communities. Created in 2013 by sisters in law Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight in honour of their fathers service in WWII, the project has been closely aligned with the Centenary of Anzac 2014 to 2018, and has consisted of a number of small and large scale installations made from handcrafted poppies from many thousands of contributors from all over the world.
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5 Responses to The Challenge is ON!!!

  1. says:

    Count me in Lyn, I can do that I’m sure

    Cheers Julie

  2. Lesley Abrahams says:

    Hi Lynn, I would like to make some poppies again, but I am so busy that the schedule you propose is not possible. However, when time permits, I can make some. I would also like to contribute to any poppy display at Dubbo War Memorial for 1918, so will have a full knitting schedule as well as my other activities. Love the plan though.

  3. Renae says:

    I’m going to crochet my poppies. Given that they are going to be attached to a stem to finish off, would you like any yarn left in the centre, or prefer all ends sewn in? Thanks!

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